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6 Financial Fundamentals for Therapists
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Are you frustrated or intimidated by your financial situation? 

Suspect you should be doing more but feel stuck and not sure where to begin?

Do you feel bogged down and embarrassed by money shame and anxiety that has you stuck and even paralyzed in taking action around your finances? 

The 6 Financial Fundamentals for Therapists Masterclass is just what you need!

Join us tuesday january 31st @ 1pm ET/10am pt

During this 1- hour LIVE FREE masterclass you will learn:

  1. Money dates to build financial intimacy

  2. Tell yourself "strength stories" to build your resilience

  3. How to create a "money egg" to better understand your financial emotions

  4. Money script inventory to better understand your money behavior

  5. Using a vision board to inspire improved financial health

  6. Ideal day, week year planner

Meet Our Guest:
David Frank

David Frank is the financial planner for therapists. 

Through the firm he founded, Turning Point Financial Life Planning, he helps therapists navigate every element of their financial lives: from understanding your practice P&L and building a personal budget to managing student loan debt and investing for retirement... and everything in between.

But don't let his love of the tax code and spreadsheets scare you off! You're just as likely to find him with his nose buried in one of Pema Chodron's books as reading up on the latest financial planning techniques.


Register For the Master Class Today!

*** Can't make it live REGISTER anyway, and we will send you the replay!***

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