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Private Practice Marketing E-Course

Fill your practice with clients you LOVE  and live your dream life!

You’re spinning your wheels not knowing where to start when it comes to private practice marketing.

You know you need to market your practice. But, you aren’t sure what to do or what will give you the greatest return on investment. 

You feel stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated. You’re disappointed that after spending years in school and tens of thousands of dollars, you weren’t taught the branding, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills needed to be successful in private practice.

You might have even considered giving up on your dreams or finding a more lucrative career path. You’re probably thinking… there has to be more to life than this!

You want to make a greater impact. You want to work with the clients you love and make more money, have more freedom, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. You DESERVE this life!

Don’t you just wish you could wave a magic marketing wand and the marketing fairy would take care of everything?! You’re beginning to think effective marketing is almost as rare as a talking unicorn.

You wish you had a step by step PROVEN system to fill your practice with clients you love and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

photo of a black woman with her head resting on her fist represeting her struggles with private practice marketing and therapist marketing. She gets help from private practice startup.

Perhaps you are expanding your business by creating an e-course, publishing a book, or hosting live events. But, you’re struggling with how to market them effectively.

We’ve been there! We used to exhaust ourselves by running after all the shiny objects trying to figure out what works (we know you know what we’re talking about).

We get how FRUSTRATING marketing can be and we’ve made it our mission to help YOU change that.

We have invested hours upon hours and over $20,000 in training (in the last 3 years alone), courses, books, and programs. We've done the work and figured out a step-by-step system for marketing.

Marketing shouldn’t be a mystery!

Therapists deserve to feel INSPIRED by the work they love and get PAID WELL for it!

male therapist sits with his hands under his head looking satisfied after learning more about private practice maketing and therapist marketing from private practice startup

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a secret marketing formula that NO ONE ELSE is talking about? 


Visualize yourself feeling confident and comfortable, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it.


Imagine feeling energized and inspired, doing more of what you love, and living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. 


We’ve seen results, and we want to tell YOU how to get them too.


We used this formula to launch our first webinar and it generated over $10,000. We’ve more than doubled our income each year for the past several years.  

This Marketing E-Course WILL Help YOU
Achieve the Following Results

heart image representing the loving feeing that comes from learning more about therapist marketing

✔ Create an authentic brand and craft marketing messages your clients love.

image of the world wide web representing the power of good therapist marketing and private practice marketing

✔ Create a high converting website and therapist directory profiles that attract your ideal clients.

image of a bunch of stars representing the confidence you'll gain from learning private practice marketing

✔ Feel more confident with a personalized marketing strategy that highlights your natural talents.

image of a bag of money representing the money you'll make after learning effective therapist marketing

✔ Make a greater impact while having more freedom, making more money, and living your dream lifestyle.

image of a brain with a lighting bolt in it representing the transformative power of good therapist marketing

✔ Transform your mindset creating a demand for services in a way that feels authentic and aligned to you.

Let Us Help You Fill Your Practice With Ideal Clients & Live a Life You Love!

image of therapists and therapist coaches Kate and Katie who founded private practice startup and teach the private practice marketing e-course.

Kate & Katie Co-Founders of The Private Practice Startup

Here’s What Alumni Are Saying… 

What to Expect in Each Module:

black woman points to the right representing the things you can learn from our private pactice marketing e-course

1. Mindset Mastery 

  • We jump into discussing entrepreneurial and marketing mindsets and share how therapists make the BEST marketers – did you guys know that?

  • We help you reframe marketing so you can change your relationship with it. You deserve to feel COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT with marketing. Let us help!

  • We help you craft your DREAM lifestyle and private practice and take the steps to begin living into it!

  • Having a mindset primed for marketing and business is essential for your success!

2. Magnetic Branding 

  • We help you create your DREAM vision, mission and company culture, which becomes the guiding principle for all business decisions. 

  • We help you create a magnetic brand that is authentically aligned to you and MAGNETICALLY ATTRACT the clients you are called to serve and absolutely love working with. 

  • We teach you how to position yourself to STAND OUT within a crowded marketplace so people remember who you are and what you do!  

image of a magnet attracting a bunch of people paper cutouts representing the magnetic power of good therapist marketing
image of a mixed woman talking to a therapist representing attracting your ideal client through good private practice marketing

3. Ideal Clients Alignment

  • We take a DEEP DIVE to help you get up close and personal with your ideal client. This is essential before you start marketing so you can fill your practice with clients you LOVE working with.

  • You’ll get to know them inside out, walk in their shoes, and live a day in their lives. You’ll understand what motivates them, what pains them, what they need, want and desire.  

  • We teach you how to position yourself as the PERFECT person to help them reach their goals and dreams (like we said, you are already an AMAZING marketer, you just don’t know it yet)!

4. Marketing Message Mastery

  • Once you are an EXPERT on your ideal client, you need to know how to speak to them so they know you understand them and are the PERFECT person to help them reach their goals.

  • Knowing how to write clear and compelling marketing messages that hit on your clients pain points as well as their dreams and desires will make you STAND OUT no matter how saturated the market is. 

  • We teach you proven strategies to craft marketing messages that make potential clients say, “yes, yes, yes I must work with THIS therapist!” 

image of a professional happy therpist who feels fulfilled after learning marketing strategies in our private practice marketing e-coure
man types on his laptop as he works on his private practice marketing after taking this e-course

5. Stellar Directory Profiles 

  • We teach you how to use our SECRET MARKETING FORMULA and apply it to your online therapy directories. 

  • Guess what… it’s pretty simple once you know the marketing formula.

  • You'll keep using it over and over again. Rinse, wash and repeat!

6. Websites That Convert

  • Imagine having a BEAUTIFUL website with copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients. Clients feel compelled to work with you, because they know you’re the PERFECT therapist for them!

  • We teach you the step by step framework for how to create a beautifully designed, HIGH CONVERTING website.

  • We show you exactly what needs to be on your website and how to avoid the common website mistakes therapists make that are killing their practice!   

  • PLUS we show you a PROVEN FORMULA to create an attractive home page, stellar specialty pages, and a spectacular about me page.

woman with redhair sitting in her apartment typing on her computer representing working on your therapist marketing
a woman in a superhero cape at sunrise represenitng therapist marketing superpowers

7. Marketing Strategy Superpowers

  • We often see therapists spreading themselves too thin. They try to do “all the things” and this leaves them overwhelmed, exhausted, and with little ability to predict results to generate new clients and more income. 

  • When you find marketing strategies that ALIGN with your personality, natural talents, and strengths, marketing becomes FUN and EASY.

  • We teach you EFFECTIVE online and offline marketing strategies. We also discuss what to outsource and why. 

  • We show you how to create your 90-day strategic marketing plan to kick start your next quarter with an awesome marketing strategy! 

You deserve to have your dream private practice without wasting precious time, energy, and money learning things the hard way. Let us help you fast track your practice success!

What’s Included with the Marketing E-Course?

image of a graduation cap and a computer representing graduating from our therapist marketing e course.

 ✔ Self-paced DIY program with a recommended 90 day plan.

 ✔ Includes 7 main modules with a total of 21 submodules.

 ✔ Lifetime access to the e-course.

 ✔ Fun surprises, guest appearances and lots of celebration cheering you on! 

image of a trophie on top of stepping stones representing meeting your private practice marketing goals.

 ✔ Marketing Messages Blueprint Worksheet

 ✔ Superstar Talents Worksheet

 ✔ Stellar Speciality Page Formula

 ✔ Awesome About Me Page Formula

 ✔ The Framework to Create a High Converting Website

✔ Practice Building Videos 

image of an arrow hitting a bullseye representing effective therapist marketing

 ✔ Dream Lifestyle and Practice Visualization Exercise

 ✔ Goal Planning Worksheet

 ✔ Brand Values Assessment

 ✔ Ideal Client Character Study Worksheet

 ✔ 90 Day Marketing Planner

image of a rocketship representing the powerful things you will gain by taking this private practice marketing e-course.

✔ Each module comes with “Growth Work” (like homework, but that is boring) to help you take what you learned and implement it.

✔ Each module includes links to recommended podcasts and other resources specific to each topic.

✔ Weekly email reminders, telling you exactly where you should be. It is like having us as your accountability partners.

 ✔The Proven, Step-by-Step Secret Marketing Formula

Take A Sneak Peek Inside our Private Practice Marketing E-Course! 

PLUS We’re Gifting You Awesome BONUSES (Total Value $2,997) 

image of a computer with the play symbol representing the video content in this private practice marketing e-course

Bonus #1:

Practice Building Videos

You’ll get 27+ additional practice building videos, which will keep growing as we continue to add new videos over time.

(Value $1323)

image of paperwork represneting the private practice paperwork you will get in this private practice marketing e-course

Bonus #2:

Private Practice



Protect your practice with our most comprehensive package of customizable Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork.

(Value $730)

infographic of people chatting represneting the individualized coaching you'll gain in this therapist marketing e-course

Bonus #3:

2 - 1×1 Coaching Sessions

Get two 30 minute laser focused individualized (1x1) coaching sessions from one of our coaches to support you.

(Value $299)

inforgrahic showing the call symbol represneting the call script you'll gain when you take this private practice marketing e-course with private practice startup

Bonus #4:

Client Converting Call Script

Boost your confidence and convert more potential clients into actual clients using this step-by-step proven script.

(Value $197)


2 Packages to Choose From:

E-Course Self-Study


Payment Plans Available!

(Start Today For Just $249)

E-Course + Coaching


Payment Plans Available!

(Start Today For Just $327)

Check Out What Our Private Practice Marketing E-Course Alumni Are Saying!

You DESERVE to work with your ideal clients and
live a life you LOVE… Get Started NOW!

E-Course Self-Study vs. E-Course + Coaching?



  • AMAZING RESULTS – Invest in yourself and your practice. When you go “ALL IN” on yourself, that’s where the MAGIC happens and you get amazing results! 


  • INSTANT, LIFETIME ACCESS – Get instant lifetime access to the entire course + bonuses immediately. 


  • FAST TRACK YOUR SUCCESS – Start working toward your dream private practice by diving in now. 


  • GO AT YOUR OWN PACE – The Self-Study is designed so you can go at your own pace. 


  • OPTIMAL SUCCESS PLAN – We set you up for success by giving you a suggested 90 day schedule for optimal success. 


  • LASER FOCUSED COACHING – You’ll get two 1×1 Laser Focused Coaching sessions with one of our coaches to help you implement everything that you’ve learned. 



  • AMAZING RESULTS – Invest in yourself and your practice. When you go “ALL IN” on yourself, that’s where the MAGIC happens and you get amazing results! 


  • INSTANT, LIFETIME ACCESS – Get instant lifetime access to the entire course + bonuses immediately. 


  • FAST TRACK YOUR SUCCESS – Start working toward your dream private practice by diving in now. 


  • GO AT YOUR OWN PACE – The Self-Study is designed so you can go at your own pace. 

  • OPTIMAL SUCCESS PLAN – We set you up for success by giving you a suggested 90 day schedule for optimal success. 

  • LASER FOCUSED COACHING – You’ll get six total 1×1 Laser Focused Coaching sessions (2 bonus sessions included) with one of our coaches to help you implement everything you’ve learned. 

  • MORE ACCOUNTABILITY – Streamline your results with more direct support, accountability, and encouragement as you meet with your coach. 

  • IMPLEMENTATION – Get direct support and feedback as you implement everything you've learned in the course. You'll be able create systems that lead to greater freedom, profitability and impact. 

Payment Plans Available!
Payment Plans Available!

You Deserve to Love Your Life &

Have Your Dream Private Practice, Let Us Help!

Who This IS For

Who This ISN'T For

✔ If you want a winning entrepreneurial mindset and more confidence as a business owner. THIS IS FOR YOU!

✔ If you want to build your business around your ideal lifestyle so you don’t have to sacrifice time with your loved ones. THIS IS FOR YOU!


✔ If you’re a therapist in private practice with a niche or would like to clarify your niche. THIS IS FOR YOU!

✔ If you want to learn the secret formula for writing copy that will fill your practice with clients you love. THIS IS FOR YOU!

✔ If you want to know the necessary framework for a beautifully designed website. THIS IS FOR YOU!

✔ If you want more money and more freedom, while making a greater impact in the world. THIS IS FOR YOU

✔ If you want to discover the marketing strategies that are aligned with your natural strengths and talents. THIS IS FOR YOU!

✔ If you want to have fun, roll up your sleeves and do the work to get results. THIS IS FOR YOU!

✖ If you wish the marketing fairy would sprinkle magic practice building fairy dust and poof your practice is full. NOT FOR YOU.

✖ If you want to remain on insurance panels and aren’t interested in building a full-fee private pay practice. NOT FOR YOU.

✖ If you want to exhaust yourself by “DIYing” everything. NOT FOR YOU.

✖ If you’re ok with outdated marketing strategies that leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. NOT FOR YOU.

✖ If you think niching is a terrible idea and you want to remain a generalist for your entire career. NOT FOR YOU.

✖ If you want to sit back, relax, and just Netflix and chill all day long. NOT FOR YOU.

✖ If you have trouble following a step by step proven system or don’t want to follow instructions in the course. NOT FOR YOU.

✖ If you aren’t good at motivating yourself and are not self-disciplined. NOT FOR YOU.

✖ If you are unwilling to put the time, work, and effort in to building the practice of your dreams. NOT FOR YOU.

Our coachees are filling their practice with clients they LOVE, expanding their group practices, selling out their events, and living their dream lifestyles! See what they say below… 

Photo of Elizabeth Olivarez. She is a clinician working towards starting a private practice and she took this private practice marketing e-course

“I’m a little over a year in my own private practice and I have the Marketing E-Course to thank. It helped me build the confidence to get going and gave me business tools like how to build a website and market yourself. I now see about 20 clients a week. I feel excited and motivated for what’s next… potentially a group practice. I’m so thankful to Kate & Katie for their guidance. I hope that if you’re thinking about joining, you lean into that as I think it will change your life.”

- Elizabeth Olivarez, LPC

photo of amber joyce a therapist who took the private practice marketing e-course with private practice startup

“The e-course and coaching was amazing! It helped me to get out of the scarcity mindset to build a practice that is truly a reflection of who I am. As a full time single mom, moving from a full time job (with guaranteed income) to a private practice was super scary. I faced the fear and made a plan. In October, I went full time private practice and by the end of November, I was full. By January, I hired 5 additional 1099 contractors. And now we just continue to grow! I have so much more time to spend with my kids rather than working 2 jobs. I am grateful beyond words for these ladies and their support!”

- Amber Joyce, LCSW

photo of Rachel Smith a therapist who is starting a private practice and took the therapist marketing e-course with private practice startup

“Even through a pandemic and in less than a year, I’ve built a THRIVING almost 6 figure private practice. If you’re questioning whether this course is a good fit or if you want to make this investment, I highly recommend taking that leap of faith in yourself and your business. Kate & Katie are amazing and I’m so grateful for them!”

- Rachel Smith, LMFT

photo of Faith Carlson who is a clinician starting a private practice. She learned about private practice marketing in this e-course

“The course transformed my uncertainty into confidence, while building a thriving and growing practice. It changed my mindset, rejuvenated my passion, and inspired me to think bigger, bolder, and braver. Within the first two weeks I filled 25% of my casework with 100% of my ideal client and that is using only a fraction of the course material.”

- Faith Carlson, MA

Image of wynette green a therapist who took the private practice marketing e-course with private practice startup

“I became so much more confident. My belief that I can independently take care of my family though my private practice increased 100%. The information in this course is priceless!! It’s so worth the cost and more as it would have taken me years to learn on my own. This is the best investment I’ve made in my practice!”

- Wynette Green, PhD, LMFT

photo of Sean Davis a therapist who took the private practice marketing e-course and increased his calls

“I’m only about 25% into integrating all the changes I learned, and in just a few weeks our calls more than doubled and in about a month our group went from 55% to 85% full! I went from maintaining for months, to almost full and ready to hire two new clinicians next month. The return on investment is a no-brainer.”

- Sean Davis, PhD, LMFT

image of Susan Block. She is starting a private practice and took the private practice marketing e-course with private practice startup

“I wish I had this course when I was just starting. It would have saved me so much time and money. What I’ve learned in just a few weeks, took me YEARS to figure out. They take the guesswork out of growing your practice in a concise, easy to follow approach. I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone just starting, feeling stuck, or ready to take their growing practice to the next level.”

- Susan Block, LMFT

photo of Jordan Zipkin a therapist who took the therapist marketing e-course with private practice startup

“It was Phenomenal. When I first started, I was at 3 clients. After the E-course, I had 9 consistent ideal clients coming each week. That’s without even finishing the website or doing the Google ads. I have more than doubled my case load. I can’t wait for what I’m going to see when those huge pieces from what we learned from the E-course are complete.”

- Jordan Zipkin, LMFT

Roberta Alves is a therapist starting a private practice. She took the private practice startup's therapist marketing ecourse

“It was AMAZING! I learned an insane amount and I am so grateful for such a phenomenal program. It’s something that ALL therapists in private practice NEED. They break it down step by step on how to create your marketing messages and then how to actually execute it to attract your ideal client. I love how professional both of them are, the energy that they bring, and their incredible business savviness.”

- Roberta Alves LMHC

photo of Jennifer Rosario a therapist who took the private practice marketing e-course when she was starting a private practice

"The Marketing E-Course truly helped me stick to the vision of what I want my work-life balance to look like, and embraced setting the boundaries necessary so I can be the best therapist for my clients. I got clear on a schedule that works for me, gained the confidence to increase my rates, and achieved a FULL caseload before the course ended!"

- Jennifer Rosario, LMFT 

Comfort Nyeswah-Wiafe .jpeg

"Kate and Katie are committed to their vision of helping therapists grow a profitable private practice. Their Marketing E-Course helped me market my business and rebrand in a new state. The course was very informative and interactive. I love how they detailed each step to take to grow a profitable private practice. I really love the bonus coaching sessions I had as well. Thank you!"

- Comfort Nyeswah-Wiafe, LMHC

David Flowers.jpg

"My practice is now full and I'm getting more calls that I know what to do with, so that's my next problem to solve. Thank you for everything you did for me in the Marketing E-Course + Coaching program. You (Susan Block) and Kate and Katie were a big part of what got me through the hardest year of my life. I recommend The Private Practice Startup every chance I get."

- David Flowers, LPC

What’s My Investment?


If you want to LEVEL UP and grow your dream practice, investing in yourself with a step-by-step proven program is PRICELESS. It SAVES you time and MAKES YOU MONEY!

When you make a decision to invest in yourself and your business, that’s where the magic happens! It has worked wonders for us as well as our Private Practice Marketing E-Course alumni.  We are constantly blown away by the results they achieve!

Our course will teach you how to build a solid foundation for your business and create a marketing strategy based on your strengths so you can build a business you LOVE, fill your practice with clients you adore, and live your dream lifestyle.

Let’s break down the investment…

If you choose the “pay in full” option below for the E-Course Self-Study, all you need is ONE new client at $130 for 12 sessions to pay for the course and continue to make money for a lifetime! Wouldn’t you say that’s worth it? 

2 Packages to Choose From:


E-Course Self-Study


Payment Plans Available!

(Start Today For Just $249)


E-Course + Coaching


Payment Plans Available!

(Start Today For Just $327)

Frequently Asked Questions

    You can register at any time, but keep in mind that the discounted price will end when the countdown timer stops so make sure to purchase before then.
    If you’re taking the e-course without coaching, it’s a self-paced course so you can take it anytime at your convenience. You will have instant lifetime access to the materials so if you ever want a refresher, you can go back to watch the videos. PLUS we add new practice building videos all the time! If you add new programs, products or services to your business in the future and want to apply these proven strategies, the materials are yours to keep AND are effective for ANY type of business. We recommend that you stick to the ideal 90 day schedule as you consume the course content and do the work that way, you stay on track for optimal success.
    Our alumni are: seeing more of their ideal clients who are happily paying their full-fee; getting more calls with potential clients each week; hiring new associates at their group practices to support business growth; feeling more confident with a solid marketing foundation and strategy; doubling the amount of attendees to their workshops; being able to leave their full time job to pursue practice full time; transitioning off insurance panels to have a full private pay practice; building a business that is in alignment with their personal life and family goals; supporting and providing for their families without working multiple jobs; working their ideal schedule and living a life they love; feeling happier and more confident in themselves and their practices, and so much more! We look forward to adding YOUR results to this list as well.
    We help clinicians fast track building their dream self-pay private practice without the exhaustion, overwhelm, or going broke in the process. ​ This course cuts right to the chase. There’s no fluff… you can learn about accounting, how to get incorporated, what to name your business, or what logo design to choose anywhere. What MOST therapists don’t know and that is ESSENTIAL to growing and sustaining a business is MARKETING! Truth is if you don’t know how to brand yourself and market successfully, you won’t have a business. ​ In the course, we teach you to focus on your marketing strengths and forget or outsource the rest. We teach the importance of branding, niching, and crafting marketing messages that attract your ideal clients. We help you identify your ideal clients' pain points and how to use your natural talents to create a niche meeting the needs of those who need you most, helping you love what you do, AND… that’s EXACTLY what we’ve done with our e-course. We’re taken OUR greatest strength and passion and created a solution to help therapists with what they struggle with most… MARKETING. ​ The sole focus of this course is to help you create an authentic brand and build the foundation of marketing to be successful in private practice (and actually ANY business). ​ Did we say we are KATE AND KATIE… that means… we’re a duo, so you get the knowledge and expertise from 2 practice building experts, not just one. We spent over a DECADE each (that’s 20 years of combined experience) learning what works and what doesn’t for building and growing thriving private practices.
    DIY is good for certain things. Let’s have a “real talk”. A lot of the DIY stuff is free information. It isn’t the whole enchilada. You want a step by step proven system not just pieces of a system. DIY is definitely great for certain things but learning how to market and grow a business is not a DIY project. ​ If finances are the driving force behind your DIY mentality, we totally get that. However, keep in mind that you will pay the costs you’re trying to avoid… you’ll pay with your time, money, or maybe even both. When we DIY things sometimes they come out GREAT and other times we waste precious time and money (when we think we were going to save both) by attempting to do something ourselves. ​ As a business owner, it’s vital to know your strengths, stay focused on those, and outsource the rest. We created the marketing ecourse because we KNOW this is an area therapists struggle the most! If you want to LEVEL UP and grow your dream practice, investing in yourself by purchasing a proven program, hiring a coach or mentor is PRICELESS. It is actually a RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI), in other words… it MAKES YOU MONEY! Investing in yourself is where the magic happens. It has worked wonders for us as well as our alumni. We are constantly blown away by the results they are achieving. We consistently invest in coaching and mentoring for ourselves and businesses.
    This course is 110% for you unless you are quitting your practice tomorrow and going to teach underwater basket weaving, lol. Whether your goals are to have a full practice, learn how to market to have a consistent flow of clients, market your e-course, workshop, conference, write great marketing copy, etc. This course IS for YOU!​We created the Private Practice Marketing E-Course to support therapists in every stage of their business from the planning stage to the launching stage to the established practitioner who wants to systemize their marketing, expand their income into other areas, or just have greater results in their marketing and business overall.
    Regardless if you’re a solopreneur or group practice owner, our step by step proven marketing system will help you to fill your practice with your ideal clients. As successful practice building coaches and therapists, we have first hand experience in both, so we’ve got you covered.
    Yes, if you’re wanting to fill your practice with the clients you LOVE who will happily pay your full-fee, this is the course for you. We’ve helped clinicians transition off of insurance panels and grow their full-fee, private pay practices. You deserve to work with the clients you love and get paid well. Let us help you get there!
    Unfortunately, the hard facts about businesses are that 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. School taught us how to be GREAT clinicians, but most grad schools don’t teach us how to be awesome business owners. A large part of growing ANY business is knowing how to brand yourself and market effectively. If you don’t know how to grow and market your practice, it will be hard to sustain your business. Being in business is a constant journey of growth as well as personal and professional development. Learning how to brand yourself and create a solid marketing plan BEFORE you open is essential to your success. Let us help you be part of the 20% with a THRIVING practice. We will see you in the course!
    If you aim to open your business anywhere between 3 – 6 months after graduating and can devote time to working on your business while in grad school to launch it successfully, then yes, we would encourage you to join us! Remember, therapy skills don’t equal business skills. Being a business owner is completely different then being a clinician. Learning about business and marketing and creating a plan to be successful is essential.
    As a business owner, it’s important to take time away from working IN your business and commit to working ON your business. Throughout the course, we suggest you block out anywhere between 2 – 6 hours per week to work ON your business. Stepping back, looking at the big picture and designing your business creates simplicity, clarity and so much more. When you invest in yourself and your business on a consistent basis, that’s where you gain major traction and the greatest return on investment. We can’t wait to show you the way!​As you go through the e-course, the amount of “growth work” will vary from week to week. Some weeks will require more time like developing your brand, clarifying your ideal clients, creating marketing messages, and wire-framing your website. Other weeks will be less work, but we recommend you get into the habit of working ON your business each week and not just as part of this course but as a GREAT business practice.
    We make the tech side of things as easy as possible. You’ll need to read emails, click the link to set up an account in our e-course platform and then watch the videos. If you’re in coaching – you’ll log into the e-course platform and then click the link to join the zoom coaching calls, do the work and reap the rewards!
    Yes, of course you can upgrade at a later date! You would need to pay the difference between the E-Course option and the E-Course + Coaching option. Then, you would be able to join the next round of group coaching. However, keep in mind that you get 1 hour of 1×1 coaching with Susan Block – our Startup Coach when you purchase the E-Course self-study program.
    We definitely understand wanting and desiring something to support your growth and development and wrestling with the money stuff as well. We’ve been there! The thing is… it’s really hard for us to think about the cost versus value. One thing we do offer is a pay in full discount and payment plan options to help you with the financial aspect of it. We get it! ​We spent over a DECADE each (that’s 20+ years of combined experience) learning what works and what doesn’t for building and growing thriving private practices. We’ve worked with coaches, attended seminars, purchased e-course programs, read tons of books, and invested in ourselves to bring YOU everything we’ve learned. Since 2016, we’ve been LASER FOCUSED on marketing strategies by investing over $20,000 to fine tune everything we’ve learned so we could teach it to YOU. These exact marketing formulas have helped us DOUBLE our income EVERY YEAR since!​We LOVE seeing our coachees get AMAZING results. Coachees have been able to pay back the entire course + coaching in less than 90 days not only that they are MAKING MONEY taking this course! The best part is that they continue to use the information, content to produce amazing results in their businesses. How do we put a number to that?
    If you purchase the e-course, you will have lifetime access to the e-course program. If you choose the e-course + coaching option, you will have lifetime access to the facebook group and the e-course program.
    The truth is that if you don’t know how to market and market consistently you most likely won’t have a business. It is essential not only to learn how to market, but you must have and be willing to have a marketing budget. Depending on where you are in your practice and your goals, we recommend 15% – 25%+ of your income go to marketing especially in the beginning to get your practice up and sailing. Start this VERY moment, don’t wait for the course to begin. This will for sure help you succeed!
    We are currently in the works of other ways to help and support coachees, check with us about our newest programs.
    We are so confident in our Private Practice Marketing E-Course Self-Study program and the results our alumni have achieved that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you complete the entire program and don’t feel you got your money’s worth, we will give you a full refund up to 60 days from your purchase date
    It’s so important to invest in yourself. When you go “all in” on yourself, that’s where the MAGIC happens! When you actually pay the money and do the work to invest in yourself that’s when AMAZING results happen. NOW it’s your turn to decide! ​ If you were to get JUST ONE new client who paid you $125 per session and see them once a week for the duration of the course, you would have paid for the course, but the beautiful thing is that you would have the knowledge and know how to continue to market to new clients increasing your caseload and income. Wouldn’t you say that’s worth it?!
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