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How To Market Your Practice Locally

When it comes to bringing in new clients, local marketing should be a key component to your growth strategy. Those seeking therapy services are naturally more drawn to providers nearby that they can see in person.


Being active in your community builds a sense of connection, expertise, and trust. As your name and face become readily recognizable, you'll become elevated to the position of a local expert and existing clients will be more likely to refer you throughout their networks.


So, how can you engage with the community in order to promote your value and services?

Join us Tuesday April 26th @ 1pm ET/10am pt

In this 1- hour LIVE FREE masterclass you will learn:

  1. Existing community resources you can tap into to spread the word about your practice.

  2. How to ask your local, existing clients for referrals

  3. How to harness the power of local SEO

  4. Extracurricular steps you can take to increase visibility in your community.

Meet Our Guest:    
Kate Younkin

Kate is an Account Executive & Success Rep and one of the many transplants in the Denver metro area.


She grew up in the Chicago suburbs before studying International Relations at American University.


After graduating, she found herself traveling domestically and internationally with seasonal jobs in between.


After settling down in Colorado in 2017, she grew her family by adopting her dog and sidekick, Lyra. They like to ski, hike, and check out all the pup-friendly places in Colorado.

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