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Shop our practice building online courses for clinicians across the globe and required Licensure Renewal courses for Florida clinicians.

The Private Practice Startup

We're Kate and Katie co-founders of The Private Practice Startup where we inspire ambitious mental health professionals to brand themselves and grow their dream private practices.


Since we’re therapists who live, work and play in south Florida, we offer the Licensure Renewal Courses for Chapter 491 Clinicians (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers) in the sunshine state, which include Prevention of Medical Errors, Domestic Violence, and Ethics and Boundaries.


We also offer a variety of private practice building online courses to support your needs. They are focused on topics such as branding, marketing, social media, website design, and paperwork essentials. Browse our topics below and select the courses that best meet your needs! 

Practice Building Courses:

Browse our courses below and click “buy now” to gain access for your desired online courses. The coolest thing about our online courses is that you can watch them anytime, anywhere so sit back, relax, grab your beverage of choice, and enjoy! 

Social Media 101 for Private Practitioners

Instructor: ​Jessica Jefferson
Type: Online Course

Social media is an excellent strategy for brand awareness to build and grow a private practice. Watch this 1 hour online course by Jessica Jefferson, our marketing extraordinaire! 

Top 6 Therapy Website Mistakes Online Course

Instructor: Kat Love

Type: Online Course


Having a website with a clear message and clean design that attracts your ideal clients is essential! Join website designer and developer, Kat Love of Empathy Sites, for a 1.5 hour online course. 

Private Practice Paperwork Essentials

Instructor: Kate & Katie
Type: Online Course


We totally get it! Paperwork can be super stressful and time-consuming to create on your own. Watch this online course to learn the legal and ethical essentials for your paperwork. 

How To Build A Private Practice Brand That Captivates Online Course

Instructor: Claudia Zebersky
Type: Online Course


Want to know how to create a private practice brand that captivates? Watch brand strategist, Claudia Zebersky of Purplewing Studio share tips on creating a magnetic brand to attract your ideal clients during this 1.5 hour online course. 

4 Secrets For Building Your Dream

Private Practice

Instructor: Kate & Katie
Type: Online Course


Watch Kate and Katie, co-founders of The Private Practice Startup, present tips for building your dream private practice in this 1.5 hour course.  They discuss the 4 secrets nobody else is talking about that are essential in brand development. 

Clinical Courses for Florida Clinicians 

We offer the required clinical courses for Florida LMFTs, LMHCs, and LCSWs in preparation for Licensure Renewal as well as options for Registered Intern MFTs, MHCs, and CSWs. 


​Click “buy now” to gain access for your desired online courses. Watch them anytime, anywhere... sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Domestic Violence Online Course

Instructor: Ron Osborne Williams
2 Hour Online Course



This engaging online course focuses on the dynamics of intimate partner violence in domestic violence and teen dating violence. It also meets the requirements of Florida Licensure Renewal. 

Laws & Rules Online Course

Instructor: AnnaLynn Schooley, PhD, LMFT
3 Hour Online Course


This online course is a refresher for Laws & Rules. In addition to Dr. Schooley's expertise, Kate & Katie from The Private Practice Startup provide relevant clinical examples.  It also meets the requirements of Florida Licensure Renewal. 

Florida Registered Intern Online Course

Instructor: Jessica Jefferson

1 Hour Online Course


If you're currently a Florida Chapter 491 Registered Intern, but aren’t sure of what you need to become licensed? If so, this online course is for you! Join Jessica Jefferson as she presents a road map for licensure success!

Ethics & Boundaries Online Course

Instructor: Kate & Katie
3 Hour Online Course


Learn the essentials of ethics and boundaries as related to our profession, while knocking out 1 of the REQUIRED COURSES for Licensure Renewal. 

Prevention Of Medical Errors Online Course

Instructor: Kate & Katie
2 Hour Online Course


Learn the essentials for preventing medical errors in the psychotherapy field, while knocking out 1 of the REQUIRED COURSES for Florida Licensure Renewal. 

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Startup Nation's Online Course Rave Reviews


Andrew Dobo, Psy D

I learned a lot! This training was the most enjoyable training I've ever been to. They limited talking “at us” but rather engaging us made time go quickly keeping us listening and thinking to participate in the process. I would recommend any courses you two talented women offer. 


Carolina Gavaria, LMHC

Kate and Katie made their medical errors webinar fun and easy to follow. It was informative and examples were on spot with current issues presented by clients. I highly recommend their courses to any new and seasoned practitioner wanting to watch from the comfort of their office or home.