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Episode 132 3 Common Concerns Providers Have About Responding to Emotional Support Animal Requests

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Startup Nation, Meet:
Rebecca Stone, LMHC
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Rebecca Stone, or Becky, as most people call her, provides counseling services to clients, as well as consulting for mental health professionals.


Becky presented about Emotional Support Animals at the 9th annual American College Counseling Association national conference, helped create a university's ESA policy, and specializes in ESAs in her private practice.


With her consulting, she strives to help mental health professionals go from confused and stressed out by Emotional Support Animal requests to competent and confident with ESA assessments while preparing their practices to welcome ESA requests along the way!

Show Notes:

Concern 1: Uncertainty around what Emotional Support Animals are.
This might sound like: 
"What is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and how is it different than Service or Therapy Animals?"

Concern 2: Scope of Practice and Liability Issues
This might sound like: 
"I automatically say 'no' when a client asks for an ESA letter because it’s not within my scope of practice." OR
"I don’t want to be held liable if an animal causes harm to someone." OR
"I won’t provide a letter unless I meet with the animal and observe its behavior first."

Concern 3: The letter!
This might sound like:
"What should be included in an ESA letter?" OR
"Where can I get an ESA letter template I can use to write a letter for my client?"

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