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3 Steps to Financial Success in Private Practice

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

We recently interviewed Brent Campbell, COO/CFO at Squeeze (a financial technology app), on the 3 Steps to Financial Success in Private Practice. Brent has an M.B.A. in Finance from Nova Southeastern University and B.S. in Finance from Florida State University. After eight years in corporate finance at Hard Rock Casinos & Hotel, he became the COO of Enterprise Beverage Company. From there, he found his passion in leadership, and became a part of Operation Life Hope, as well of being on the board of directors for Hope of South Florida Golf Tournament.

Brent Campbell not only plays a key role at Squeeze; he is a huge influence on the business know-how and success of The Private Practice Startup and K2 Visionaries. Why you ask? He is the husband of our very own Dr. Kate Campbell!  He works behind the scenes supporting our companies when it comes to technology needs, ideas, etc.


After working in finance, he realized something: he was put in a box. Brent expressed how the world of finance defines you. He entered the enterprise beverage group and witnessed all of the various talents and different hats that a startup company engages in and was hooked.

Being “addicted to making things happen”, it's no surprise that when Brent was offered the position of Chief Operating Officer over a cup of coffee for a brand new startup app company, he jumped at the opportunity. This app not only juggles finance, but budgeting, recurring monthly bills, and so much more. With an extensive amount of experience in the finance world under his belt, he had experience to equip this company to go far, and that it has.

We started out by asking, “What is the best advice you’ve ever received that relates to building a business, or becoming an entrepreneur?

Fail fast and fail forward. Just do it and even if you fail, keep on going. Do not fear failure