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Peak Package

Legal & Ethical

Private Practice Paperwork

​Save Time, Money, & Avoid Legal Issues with Attorney-Approved Private Practice Paperwork

Knowing you need legal, ethical, and competent paperwork is overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive!  We’re clinicians, not lawyers.


Don't put your dream counseling practice on hold by wasting time, energy, and money creating your paperwork from scratch and having attorneys review it.


We’ve been there, we get it…


We did all the grunt work for you. We scoured through the laws and ethics, put in the 100+ hours of work, and paid thousands of dollars in attorney fees so you don’t have to!


Get all your customizable, attorney-approved private practice forms in one place so you never have to worry again!  

​​​​​​Private Practice Paperwork 

In Less Than 30 Minutes

The Peak Package is our most comprehensive private practice paperwork package including 20+ forms (80+ total pages) so you never have to worry about paperwork again! All forms are fully customizable with your practice details and delivered instantaneously via email in Word format making them easy to update.

The attorney-approved private practice therapist forms have been reviewed by 3 Family Law Attorneys and 1 Health Care Law Attorney ensuring it meets the highest legal and ethical standards. Purchase the Peak Package, download the forms, customize them with your practice details, and start using them today!

We recently upgraded our therapy forms to make the customization process quick and simple with our Paperwork Document Generator. 

All you need to do is enter your specific private practice details and it will pre-populate your information into all 80+ pages of documents at one time. #sweet

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Peak Package Includes:

  1. Assignments of Insurance Benefits for Therapy Sessions

    • This Insurance Billing Authorization Form is essential for any therapist who accepts either in-network or out-of-network insurance from their clients for services rendered.

    • There are two Assignment of Insurance Benefit Documents (one for Florida specifically and one for Multi-State)

  2.  Biopsychosocial Intake and Client Information Forms (Child and Adult Forms)

    • The Biopsychosocial Intake Forms cover the necessary biological, psychological, and social assessment to be completed by clients or their parents/guardians before their first session.

    • It also collects the necessary client information and demographics for client records.

    • This includes two different thorough assessment forms, one for minors (child and adolescent) and the other for adults.

  3. Biopsychosocial Intake and Client Information for Couples

    • This intake form is specifically designed for couples so that each partner can complete their intake form separately. This form has the necessary attributes of a regular intake form, but is focused on their relationship dynamics, history, potential for abuse, etc. 

  4. Collection Letter for Past Due Therapy invoices

    • This financial collection letter is for therapists who accept insurance or cash payments for services rendered. If clients have a past-due balance, this form is the perfect template for therapists to send addressing the past-due balance and requesting payment. 

  5. Consent, Policies & Agreement for Insurance and Self-Pay Practices

    • Limits to Confidentiality – including areas regarding electronic communication, social media, dual relationships & public interactions, court orders, legally issued subpoenas, couples counseling and “no secrets policy”, and fee/credit card disputes.

    • Therapeutic Process – including risks & benefits, expectations, structure and length of therapy, cancellation policy, fee structure including trial and litigation, copies of medical records, phone, and emergency policy.

    • Explanation of the Reasons for Not Accepting Insurance  – including risks, myths of confidentiality, and impacts of having a mental health disorder diagnosis.

    • Emergency Contact & Consent

    • Consent to Treat Minor and Adult Clients

  6. Discharge/Therapy Termination Summary

    • This document is to be completed by the therapist upon discharge or termination of therapy services. This summary reviews the necessary information regarding the context of treatment termination such as dates, diagnoses, treatment participation, observations, risk factors, clinical recommendations, aftercare plan, support systems, etc…

  7. Documentation/Communication Form for Counseling

    • This form provides a format for documenting any and all interactions with clients such as phone calls, scheduling changes, collaborations with other treatment providers (providing a release has been signed), and family/significant other communication (providing a release has been signed), etc.

  8. Email Confidentiality Form Template for Therapy Practices

    • This email confidentiality template is attorney-approved and ready for use in your email signature ensuring recipients are aware of your privacy/confidentiality policies for electronic communications.

  9. Good Faith Estimate

    • The “No Surprises Act” was implemented January 1, 2022.  It impacts private pay clinicians OR clients who chose NOT to use their insurance for therapy services.  Therapists now have to provide a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) to the client prior to services commencing. 

  10. Group Counseling Consent Form

    • Do you practice group counseling or want to start?  This Attorney Approved Group Counseling Consent is perfect for your group practice needs. It addresses group confidentiality, limits of confidentiality, benefits of counseling, as well as a place where you can put in all the information about your specific group structure ie: length, frequency, costs, attendance requirements, dates, expectations, etc.  This form is to be used in conjunction with HIPAA.  If you are seeing clients 1:1 you also need to have them complete the Therapy Consent Policies and Agreements.

  11. HIPAA Form for Therapy Practices

    • This document contains important information about federal law, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), that provides privacy protections and patient rights with regard to the use and disclosure of your Protected Health Information (PHI) used for the purpose of treatment, payment, and health care operations.

  12. Letter of Progress for Therapy

    • This document is a template for writing a progress letter for the client, their support system, other treatment providers, and/or organizations mandating treatment.

  13. Media Consent Form for Therapy Client Data for Research and Training

    • If you plan to photograph, videotape, audiotape, or share client identifying information in any publications, research, trainings, supervision, etc., this form is vital! The Media Consent Form outlines how and where the clients' information would be used. It also requires authorization from clients for their information to be shared.

  14. Mental Status Exam and Diagnosis Form

    • Our mental status exam is the psychological equivalent of a physical exam that describes the mental state and behaviors of the client. It includes both objective observations of the therapist and subjective descriptions given by the client.

    • These forms also include an area for diagnosis and clinical summary/narrative.

  15. Therapy Process/Progress Note Template

    • This process/progress note template is formatted to document completed client session notes.

  16. Psychological Evaluation & Testing Consent

    • Are you a psychologist who performs testing or provides letters for court or 3rd parties on behalf of your clients? This consent follows the APA Code of Ethics regarding psychological testing. The consent allows you to list all of the services you provide and addresses confidentiality, testing purposes, bases of testing, request for accommodations, payment structure, and release of records.  

  17. Release of Information for Therapists

    • As therapists, we must have a signed release of information authorization completed by each client before the therapist can communicate/collaborate with anyone outside of the therapy room.

    • This release of information provides options for either bilateral or unilateral authorization once signed by the client for any person or organization they identify.

  18. Sliding Scale Therapy Payment Agreement 

    • This agreement specifies the detailed arrangement regarding the reduction in rate for services rendered in order to meet the needs of clients who aren’t able to pay the full rate for services.

  19. Substance Abuse Intake Assessment

    • This assessment provides a template for clinicians to easily utilize when exploring substance use history, the role of substance abuse in one’s life, and past solutions for managing substance use.

  20. Suicide Risk Assessment & Client Treatment Compliance Agreement 

    • This assessment and compliance agreement is a useful way to ensure you are assessing and documenting safety and treatment compliance issues. This document addresses areas such as safety or treatment concerns, triggers, medical/mental health issues risk factors, protective factors and resources, support systems, intervention plans, etc. This agreement is intended to be collaboratively completed and signed by both clinician, support people/parent, and client.

  21. Therapy Superbill Template

    • For therapists who accept out-of-network insurance in their practice, this superbill template is a vital resource.

    • It includes all of the necessary documentation for therapists to complete in order for insurance companies to provide reimbursement for services rendered according to the specific benefits for each specific insurance plan.

    • It also includes a handy CPT Code for common services provided in therapy practices.

  22. Technology-Assisted Counseling Consent

    • Do you provide or want to provide phone therapy or video conference therapy? If so, this form is a must! This Technology Assisted Counseling consent form outlines the logistics by discussing: limitations, logistics, technological challenges, confidentiality/privacy, payment, emergencies, cancellation policy, and consent for telehealth counseling.

  23. Therapy Treatment Plan Template

    • Our treatment plan includes an assessment of the client’s strengths and resources; presenting problem narrative and supporting symptoms; primary and secondary diagnosis and ICD 9/10 codes; and up to 3 goals, objectives, interventions, and target dates.

  24. Counseling Client Welcome Letter

    • This template is one you can revise that welcomes clients to your practice and lets them know a little about what they can expect from you and your business. Once you add your information and add your logo, you’re good to go!

***As a reminder, our paperwork cannot be distributed or shared with anyone else. It’s for individual use only.***

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We understand how business startup costs can add up fast. That's why we offer a payment plan option on the checkout page. 

When you purchase the Peak Paperwork Package, we'll also gift you four awesome practice building bonuses making it a no-brainer... We want you to succeed in building and growing your dream practice. 

Cheers to your practice success!! 

Startup Nation's Rave Reviews: 


Yolanda Harper of Harper Therapy

“This paperwork is a no BRAINER! It’s a great investment in my practice. It really was a life (and sanity) SAVER!”

Photo of Melanie Taylor a therapist who got her private practice paperwork using the Peak Paperwork Package from Private Practice Startup

Melanie Taylor, LPC 

of Healing Tree Therapy

I’m LOVING the paperwork I purchased!! I cannot believe all the forms that were there and how in depth they were!! I’ll be shouting from the rooftops, because EVERY clinician needs to have these in their private practice. Love you guys️️️!


Jermaine Wall, LCSW of Crescent Counseling Services

“Purchased the paperwork package and it GREATLY helped me in starting and growing my practice! GREAT TOOL for my interns to review frequently used documents in private practice”

Common Paperwork Questions: 

Q: How do I access my therapist paperwork?  What is all the hype with the NEW Paperwork Document Generator?


A: You get access to the platform that houses your paperwork + the Paperwork Document Generator.


The Paperwork Document Generator saves you a ton of time!  By pre-filling the MOST common areas on the forms (i.e. name, credentials, practice name, address, etc...), the Paperwork Document Generator pre-populates your information into all forms.  Once you’re finished, it emails you all of the documents in Word format so you can start using them right away.


Q: Can I use these documents with my EHR?


A:  Many of the EHR’s allow for our paperwork to be uploaded to their platform (check with your specific EHR on how to do that).  For example, TherapyNotes combined with allows you to create PDF forms that are fillable so you can easily upload them into the platform.  


Q: What therapy forms do I need for an initial session? 


A: At minimum, you’ll need all clients to complete the HIPAA form; Therapy Consent, Policies and Agreements; Biopsychosocial Intake forms; and a Good Faith Estimate (this form is required for private pay clinicians and clients who chose not to use their insurance.  


If you take insurance, clients also need to complete the Assignment of Insurance Benefits; Mental Status Exam and Diagnosis form; and the Treatment Plan (although doing a Treatment Plan is recommended for best practice).  Don’t forget to write your Progress Note after the session.


Q: What is the “No Surprises Act” and what do I need to do about it?


A:  The “No Surprises Act” was implemented January 1, 2022.  It impacts private pay clinicians OR clients who chose NOT to use their insurance for therapy services.  


Therapists now have to provide a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) to the client prior to services commencing.  Don’t worry we’ve got you covered not only with attorney approved paperwork but a podcast and video tutorial explaining how to implement and streamline your GFE process. 

Q: What happens with the paperwork when there are updates to the laws and ethics?


A:  When there are changes to the laws and ethics, we send out updated forms via email for all those who have purchased, letting them know about the updates and what has changed.  


For example when the “No Surprises Act” was implemented, we did all of the hard work for you to bring you the newest required paperwork FOR FREE!  Of course, we all need to assure we are doing our own due diligence when it comes to updates in the field, but we love helping you along.

Q: Is the paperwork approved for my specific state?

A: Great question! We spent 100+ hours of research and writing of laws, rules, and ethics and then worked with 4 different attorneys to ensure our paperwork is up to par. 

Ethics and HIPAA are national standards. We have taken the highest ethics of all counseling designations. We believe in going with the highest standards that way you can't go wrong.

Many laws and ethics overlap, such as confidentiality. The forms are designed to comply with as many states as possible, but you may wish to check with your specific state board or local associations to see if there are any laws known to be "peculiar" to your state. 

For example, a "minor" in a few states, when it comes to therapy, is considered under 16. In our Consent, Policies, and Agreements form, we have this area highlighted for you to know the law in your specific state so you can customize it. 

Our forms are extremely comprehensive. Our Consent, Policies, and Agreements form is 9 pages long and we have never had any complaints regarding everything that is covered in the forms. 

Q: What if I work with couples or children? Do you have a specific intake form for specific populations like that? 

A: Yes, we offer a specific Biopsychosocial Intake and Client Information for Couples so that clinicians can have each partner complete their forms safely and separately. 

We also offer a specific Biopsychosocial Intake and Client Information Form for children so that both the child and parent's perspectives can be completed prior to the initial counseling session. 

Q: What's the difference between the Peak Package and the Base Package of paperwork? 

A: The Peak Package of paperwork is our most comprehensive package of attorney-approved paperwork (80+ total pages) setting you up for lasting success. If you want to never worry about paperwork again, this is the package for you!  You get the most savings with the Peak Package of paperwork and the most bonuses too. Scroll up on this page to review the details of what's included. Update all of your forms in less than 30 minutes with our new Paperwork Document Generator.

The Base Package of paperwork (30+ pages) is comprised of the basic, essential forms you need to start seeing clients today. It comes with the Paperwork Document Generator and a FREE Course too. 


Q: Do you offer assistance if we need help with the paperwork? Do you charge for that?


A: This is a great question! "Yes" of course we are here to answer any questions you have about the paperwork. And, we'll do it for FREE!


Q: Does the Therapy Consent, Policies, and Agreements cover policies on social media, collections, cancellations, secret-keeping for couples, what to do in case of emergencies, and more?


A: Yes, it covers all those topics and more!  The consent is 8 pages long. Don’t forget, since each therapist’s practice is different, you can customize it to your practice specifications.   


Q: Are these forms good for someone who wants to start a private practice, but isn’t quite there yet?


A: Yes, yes, and yes - 110%.  If you're IN private practice or PREPARING to be in private practice, you need paperwork that meets the legal and ethical standards for our profession.  


Want to know something cool?  We often hear that shortly after people purchase the paperwork, they get a new client.  It's like saying, "I am ready!"


Q:  Does the paperwork cover all designations like psychologists, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, etc?


A: Yes, we cross-referenced the paperwork across all the designations to ensure it meets the highest standards of the profession.  

Q: I only need a few forms, do you sell them individually? 

A: Yes, visit our A La Carte Paperwork page for all of the attorney approved private practice paperwork forms. Pick the specific forms you need and update them with your practice specifications so you can start using them today! 

Q: Do your forms come translated into different languages? 

A: No, at this time our forms are not translated into any different languages. However, you could purchase them and have them translated into whatever language you need! We've done the hard part with creating them and having them reviewed by attornies. 

Q: I am in need of business paperwork too. Is that something that you offer? 

A: Yes, you're in luck! We have Business Paperwork too. Want to grow your practice, offer podcasts, hire independent contractors, or a virtual assistant?  Save time with pre-made business forms and protect yourself and your practice.

Q: I am a supervisor. Do you offer supervision paperwork that I can use for my supervisees? 

A: Yes, we do! If you're supervising Psychologists or Mental Health Professionals, but don't want to waste time and energy creating paperwork from scratch, we've got you covered with our Supervision Paperwork!

Q: I have another question that's not listed above, how can I ask it?


A: If you have a specific question that isn't answered above, email us at and we're happy to answer it! 

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