Vision, Mission, & Culture

We're committed to working within our Vision, Mission, & Culture while inspiring private practitioners from startup to mastery!


We help therapists across the globe to brand themselves, so they can work with the clients they love and live the lives they have always dreamed of.


We inspire ambitious mental health professionals along their journey from startup to mastery.  We achieve this by providing fun and engaging podcasts, webinars, online courses, private practice coaching, and abundant resources crafted for your private practice needs.


 At The Private Practice Startup, we are committed to working within our Vision, Mission, & Culture. Our hope is that we inspire mental health professionals across the globe to take inspired action towards having the private practice of their dreams.  We work in collaboration with professionals, agencies, and organizations fostering lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial for the growth and development of all.


We work with mental health professionals who are motivated, ambitious, accountable, hold themselves to the highest standard, are passionate about making a difference in client's lives, have integrity in all aspects of their lives, invest in the development of themselves and others, and have a generous spirit. We are invested in our clients’ success.  We are rewarded and inspired when their dream private practice become a reality.


1. Collaboration- We are excited and inspired by the opportunity to work with many people, companies and talents. We welcome the possibility to collaborate with those who are aligned with our vision, mission, culture, and values. We love celebrating and sharing peoples’ accomplishments. We collaborate for the best interest of our clients, each other and our companies.


2. Innovation– We are a forward-thinking company, inspiring people to step outside their comfort zone, think outside of their box, and push past the edge of the unknown. We are motivated by the expression of creative thoughts, imaginative ideas, inspired action, and “a-ha” moments.


3. Commitment– We are a world-class personal and professional development company that is committed to offering the best quality services to everyone we come in contact with.


4. Excellence– We are committed to excellence in all that we do. We exceed the needs and desires of the people we serve. We set the standard for success and excellence in our industry.


5. Integrity– We do things with integrity or not at all. We do the right thing for people, by people, ALWAYS.


6. Contribution- We believe in contributing to the world in a meaningful way and giving back to our community through charitable endeavors. We look to collaborate and support people, companies and organizations whose visions and missions align with ours.


7. Growth & Development – We are committed to nourishing and nurturing our minds, bodies, and spirits. We engage in activities that advance others and ourselves both personally and professionally. We are committed to being and staying on the cutting edge.


8. Fun & Creativity– We cultivate an environment of fun and creativity. It keeps us on the cutting edge of our industry and contributes to the success of our company. We dance and live in the world of creativity, engaging in fun experiences that result in inspired and creative action. We “work” as if “work” is play and play is “work”. There are no distinctions.


9. Success– We are committed to success and the success of our company’s vision: “fulfilling dreams through world-class personal and professional development”. We succeed when we help others succeed.


10. Consistency– Consistency is the key to success. We are consistent in our thoughts, beliefs, values, and actions. Consistency coupled with inspired action, creativity, support, and commitment yield powerful results.


11. Balance– A balanced approach to life is essential for rapid and expansive growth, enjoyment of life, and personal and professional development. We aspire to attain work/life balance as that helps us to function optimally in all that we do both personally and professionally. Rest, relaxation, quality time with family and friends, and spirituality are as essential to our growth and development as is taking action in our professional lives.


12. Abundance- We believe only in abundance. The world is vast, large and unlimited. We tap into our infinite potential as human beings. The possibilities of our creations are endless. We know and declare this to be true for others and ourselves. 

About Kate & Katie

What’s up #StartupNation!?! We’re so excited you’re here. In case you’re new to our community, I’m Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT (on the left) and my business partner aka “BP” Katie Lemieux, LMFT is on the right. We have a blast co-hosting the The Private Practice Startup podcast, where we inspire your private practice journey from startup to mastery.


We both built our thriving, 6-figure full-fee private practices from the ground up and love working with ambitious mental health professionals across the globe who want to brand themselves and grow their dream private practice. Enter our Startup Nation Community now to get tons of awesome practice building ninja tips, trick, hacks, and resources!


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