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A La Carte Forms 

Attorney Approved 

Private Practice Paperwork 

Save Time, Money, & Protect Your Practice...

Knowing you need legal, ethical, and competent paperwork is overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive!


Lets face it we're clinicians, not lawyers.  


We've been there, we get it, and...


We did all the grunt work for you. We combed through the laws and ethics, put in the 100+ hours of work, and paid thousands of dollars in expensive attorney fees so you don't have to. 


Our a la carte Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork allows you to cherry pick the best forms for your practice needs. 


Want to SAVE MONEY and get comprehensive paperwork?


Check out our Base Package and Peak Package options. 

Don't fear, we have them all here! Purchase the forms you need and gain instant peace of mind...

The attorney approved forms are customizable and easy to use. They meet the legal and ethical standards of our profession. Once you purchase, the form/s will be automatically downloaded onto your computer so you update them, save, and start using today! 

Necessary for billing insurance.

Assignment Of Insurance Benefits

Must have for all clinicians.

Consent, Policies & Agreement For Insurance & Self Pay

Include in your email signature.

Email Confidentiality Template

Summary of treatment progress.

Letter of Progress

Document therapy sessions.

Process/Progress Note Template

Written agreement for reduced rate of services.

Sliding Scale Agreement

Must have for Out of Network Insurance providers.

Superbill Template

Great way to welcome people to your practice.

Welcome Letter

Comprehensive assessment tool for children and adults.

Biopsychosocial Intake & Client Information Forms (Child & Adult)

Template for discharging or terminating therapy.


Specific consent for group therapy.

Group Counseling Consent

Consent to share client information for professional purposes (audio, video, etc).

Media Consent 

Consent for Psychologists.

Psychological Evaluation & Testing Consent

Comprehensive assessment for substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Intake Assessment

Must have consent for telehealth counseling.

Technology Assisted Counseling Consent

Collection template for overdue client payments.

Collection Letter

Track all treatment interactions outside therapy.


Communication Form

Must have for all clinicians.


Standard assessment for treatment.

Mental Status & Diagnosis Form

Must have for collaboration.

Release Of Information

Treatment compliance agreement and safety plan.

Suicide Risk Assessment/Client Treatment Agreement

Standard clinical treatment plan.

Treatment Plan

Get Your Release of Information for ONLY $5 
& HIPAA Form for FREE! 

(Total Value of $58)

Startup Nation's Paperwork Rave Reviews:

Jo Muirhead

of Jo 

“This is a well thought out, well researched, and HIGHLY VALUABLE paperwork packet that SOLVES A HUGE HEADACHE for clinicians when they are starting out in private practice.”

Mathew Jeanius, LMFT

It's amazing how much more PROFESSIONAL my business became as a result of having the right paperwork. I became more CONFIDENT in being in private practice. What I purchased was WORTH EVERY DOLLAR

Elizabeth Flores, LMHC

The BEST resource I purchased was the Peak Package. It was a RELIEF to have a package offer all the necessary documentation. The forms are detailed, specific, precise, ethical and legally sound. I gained CONFIDENCE and PEACE OF MIND. I can’t put a price on that.