Protect Your Practice 

with Legal & Ethical

Private Practice Paperwork

for Mental Health Professionals

​Save Time, Money, & Avoid Legal Issues

with Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork

Why is having Attorney Approved Paperwork important? 


1. Your time is VALUABLE.  Don't waste 40+ hours creating your own paperwork from scratch.  Not to mention, researching all the laws, rules, and ethics is a SNOOZE FEST


2. Attorneys are EXPENSIVE.  We paid thousands of dollars in attorney fees so you don't have to.  Wouldn't you rather invest that money to get more clients or take a dream vacation?     


3. Avoid LEGAL RISK.  Did you "DIY" your paperwork?  Therapists incur the most LIABILITY in their documentation.  You worked hard to get where you are, don't risk it! 


We want to ensure therapists' avoid legal issues by using legal and ethical forms that have been reviewed by attorneys so they can continue making a difference!  

Get all your forms at one time so you never have to worry again.  SAVE the most money by purchasing the Peak Package.  


Just getting started?  The Base Package will set you up with the essentials so you can start seeing clients today!  Only need a few forms, select your favorites from our A La Carte Paperwork.  


Expanding your practice with independent contractors or a virtual assistant?  You'll need Business Paperwork to protect yourself.  If you offer supervision, take advantage of our Supervision Paperwork

​​​​​​Easy to Update, Customizable 
Attorney Approved Paperwork Options

All forms have been reviewed by multiple attorneys meeting the highest legal and ethical standards of our profession. They are easy to update and customizable for your practice details. Take advantage of the options below and start using the forms today! 

We recently upgraded our Peak and Base packages of paperwork to make the customization process quick and simple with our Paperwork Document Generator. All you need to do is enter your specific practice details and it will pre-populate your information into all the documents at one time saving you a ton of time!

Never Worry About Paperwork Again!

Get 80+ pages of legal and ethical forms saving you the most money, giving you peace of mind, and setting you up for lasting success! Update all of your forms in less than 30 minutes with our new Paperwork Document Generator.

Just Starting in Private Practice? 

Get 40+ pages of required legal and ethical forms so you can launch your business and start seeing clients today! Update all of your forms in less than 30 minutes with our new Paperwork Document Generator.

Only Need a Few Specific Forms?

Select your favorites from our 20+ attorney approved forms.  Rest assured knowing you know have legal and ethical paperwork!  All of the forms are easy to update and fully customizable with your practice details. 

Save Time While Growing Your Practice! 

Want to grow your practice, offer podcasts, hire independent contractors or a virtual assistant?  Save time with pre-made business forms and protect yourself and your practice.

Adhere to Best Practices for Supervision! 

Supervising Psychologists or Mental Health Professionals, but don't want to waste time and energy creating paperwork from scratch?  We got you covered!

Startup Nation's Rave Reviews...

Laura Long, LMFT of Your Badass Therapy Practice

“The paperwork package is a MUST HAVE for anyone in private practice. I have the Peak Package and it’s AMAZING. I don’t ever have to worry about getting sued. I recommend it for all of my badass tribe members.”

Mathew Jeanius, LMFT of Beach Stone Counseling

"It's amazing how much more PROFESSIONAL my business became as a result of having the right paperwork. I became more CONFIDENT in private practice. What I purchased was WORTH EVERY DOLLAR."

Kelli Malkasian, Psy. D. of Coral Reef Counseling

"The paperwork is EASY TO USE and very well written, SAVING ME A TON OF TIME and anxiety.  These forms were reviewed by lawyers and are effective for gathering information to PROTECT myself."


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