A-Z Cheatsheet: The Essentials for Starting a Private Practice  

Gain confidence knowing you set your counseling business up properly from the start. You don't have to learn everything the hard way... 

Not Sure Where to Begin When Starting Your Own Private Practice?

You've been dreaming about starting your own private practice for years.


However, it's not as easy as you had hoped... you find yourself struggling and feeling stuck when it comes to starting your private practice or growing your private practice. 

Maybe you're new to private practice or maybe you've been in practice for a few years, but want to feel more confident knowing you have everything set up correctly. 


Regardless of where you are on that continuum, it feels like there is so much to get done and you don’t know where to start. 


You’re listening to what everyone else tells you to do and you're consuming as much free content as possible.  However, the advice often feels like a mental tug of war... people are telling you to go in a million different directions. It’s overwhelming!


In fact, it's sending you straight into analysis paralysis and total avoidance!  Agghh….


You'd rather hide under your covers, go on a Netflix binge, and hope that the magical private practice fairy comes while you're sleeping to set everything up for you. 


Although that would be delightful, you know this isn’t a reality. 

Instead of listening to what everyone tells you you "should" do, why not take the advice from two practice building therapists just like you, who built their 6 figure, full-fee private practices from the ground up and have helped tons of other therapists to do the same?


I guess it’s time we introduced ourselves… 

We're Kate & Katie...
Two Therapists with Entrepreneurial Spirits

Hi! We are two therapists from South Florida who had a desire to build our dream practices and live our dream lives (just like you). 


We wanted to live life on our terms, be our own boss, create our own schedules, work with the clients we are most called to serve, and get paid well for the work we do.  

We both built our individual private practices from the ground up. We did all the wrong things until we learned the secrets behind building, marketing, and growing successful private practices. 


Once we learned the secrets on how to do that, we created sustainable and thriving 6-figure, full fee private practices, and the best part… we’ve helped so many therapists (just like you) do the same! 

You Deserve to Have the Private Practice of Your Dreams! 

Photo of a group of diverse adults putting their hands in the circle representing a happy team of therapists. Learn about starting a private practice in Florida, New York, Colorado, Texas, Calfornia, or anywhere from therapist consultants at Private Practice Startup

There’s no sense in struggling to create your dream counseling practice.  Let us help you get started by checking off all of the essential "to-dos" so you can feel more confident knowing your business is set up properly from the start!


We’ve created the A to Z Cheatsheet - An Essential Guide to Starting a Private Practice.


Think of it as your roadmap, your guide to getting everything in place to lay the foundation for building and growing your dream counseling private practice.  


When it comes to creating your practice, don’t be a "DIY" Warrior.  You'll end up wasting a ton of extra time, energy and money trying to learn everything the hard way.  DIY’ing everything in your business leaves therapists burnt out, overwhelmed, and broke.  Don't make that mistake. 

Let us help you with the essentials you need to get started on your practice building and growing journey.  Cheers to your practice success!   

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It's Time to Work Smarter, not Harder

So you can...

  • Have more clarity with a roadmap to help you start a thriving private practice 

  • Feel confident while setting up a solid foundation for your private practice

  • Stress less, save time, money and energy

  • Learn strategies from 2 practice building experts who built their 6-figure, full fee practices from the ground up

Photo of therapist Sean Davis who learned about starting a private practice in the US from therapist coaches at Private Practice Startup

Sean Davis, PhD, LMFT

I’m only about 25% into integrating all the changes I learned, and in just a few weeks our calls more than doubled and in about a month our group went from 55% to 85% full!   

I went from maintaining for months, to almost full and ready to hire two new clinicians next month. The return on investment is a no-brainer.

Roberta Alvez, LMHC

It was amazing! I learned an insane amount and I am so grateful for such a phenomenal program. It’s something that ALL therapists in private practice NEED. They break it down step by step on how to create your marketing messages and then how to actually execute it to attract your ideal client. I love how professional both of them are, the energy that they bring, and their incredible business savviness.

Kimberly Grocher, LCSW 

Working with Kate and Katie was an amazing experience and the coaching group was phenomenal! The Marketing E-Course was professionally done and provided a lot of support. If you have the opportunity to work with Kate and Katie, you should definitely take it. It is a phenomenal investment!

Rave Reviews

Get Your FREE A-Z Cheatsheet: The Essentials for Starting a Private Practice Now!

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