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Practice Building Resources We LOVE... Check Them Out! 

Top Practice Building Resources

We know how difficult it is to get started in private practice, trust us, we’ve been there.  We learned a lot by trial and error over the decade we have been in practice.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of quality services to help you along your private practice journey, so you can focus on doing what you love, making a difference?

Here’s our list of top private practice resources to help your business thrive. Check it out! 

Online Therapy Directories

Psychology Today

We LOVE Psychology Today and have used it successfully for years. Contact us at so we can hook you up with your first 6 months FREE. Email us FIRST before starting to create the profile. Whoop Whoop!

For more Psychology Today #NinjaTips listen to our podcast with Laura Long on Creating a BadAss Directory Profile. You’re welcome!

Good Therapy

Grow your practice with GoodTherapy!

Create a profile in GoodTherapy's online directory to get found by new clients and take advantage of other benefits such as online CE webinars, appointment scheduling, and publication opportunities.


Register here and enter promotional code GT20PPS during registration to get Premium or Pro Annual or Annual Billed Monthly Membership for the price of Basic--savings up to 40% until January 1, 2021. Annual plans also include access to a HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution, free of charge

Listen to our podcast with Dave Ake, Editorial Director at for even more tips on 5 Ways to Emotionally Connect with Your Ideal Clients.

Therapy Den

TherapyDen is a new national therapist directory for our modern world. TherapyDen keeps up with the times and evolves to reflect the society we serve.


At TherapyDen, not only can a client find a therapist based on common issues, such as anxiety and relationship troubles, but they can search for a therapist that treats the unique struggles of today.


Thrivelution is a revolutionary matching system based on the idea that therapy is most effective when the match between therapist and client is high quality.

Thrivelution provides your practice with low-cost, quality client referrals that are matched with you (and only you) in seconds.


If you are ready to get more clients, sign-up with our exclusive promo code Match21 for 1 free month of matches at

Website Design Services

Brighter Vision

Website building is no joke! It’s super time consuming, overwhelming, and pricey if you work with an independent website consultant.


Leave it to the experts at Brighter Vision. They will build your site, set up hosting, take care of all images, and SEO for $59 a month. That is seriously a steal! Click HERE to Save $10/month on any new website package your entire first year plus a 3-month free trial to Social Genie - a savings of $237. It’s a no brainer!!! 


Create your own beautiful, fully customizable Wix website with a drag and drop builder making it easier to navigate and less time consuming. Use the SEO options within Wix to optimize your website for Google. Kate uses Wix and LOVEs it! 


CLICK HERE to try Wix for FREE for a limited time.

SEO Services

Private Practice Elevation

You could spend countless hours researching SEO strategies and testing keywords to figure out what will work to drive more traffic to your private practice website. Or you could just bring in the SEO experts.


With Private Practice Elevation's monthly SEO plans, their team will do all the legwork to figure out what keywords to use, what content to create and how to get that elusive page 1 search result. They’ll write optimized articles for your website, build custom quality backlinks from other websites, help you get found in local search and more. There’s no contract and you can cancel any time.

Just visit to choose a plan and start increasing your website rankings and traffic today.

DIY Website Services

A Little Course About WordPress

A Little Course About WordPress is your introductory guide to understanding WordPress and how to use it. This course will help you ease into this new system and demystify it.

Daniel Fava (from will take you through a guided tour of the WordPress dashboard, and show you exactly what you can do in each one and the settings.

Click Here to get started learning WordPress.

Create My Therapist Website Toolbox

This step-by-step course will help you confidently create a DIY website using WordPress. Daniel Fava provides you with a clear roadmap with EVERY step needed to create a professional-looking website.


Along with downloadable resources and 4 bonuses, Daniel will help you overcome your tech challenges and hold your hand the entire way. Learn More About The Toolbox.

DIY a Therapist Website on Squarespace

Are you feeling ready to launch a private practice but you're finding yourself getting hung up on how to design and build your website? Do you need help making sure you have a website that's both beautiful and fills your practice, but you don't have the budget to hire a professional to do it?

Dr. Marie Fang of Private Practice Skills designed her course with you in mind. She takes you step-by-step and click-by-click through the process of building a website that fills your practice at an affordable price. Click Here to sign up and get $20 off with promo code "20OFF" at checkout.

The Blog Traffic Accelerator

What if you could attract tons of potential clients to your private practice website, without spending heaps of money on Facebook or Google Ads? It's possible!


The Blog Traffic Accelerator is Daniel Fava's (of Create My Therapist Website & Private Practice Elevation) step-by-step system to grow your private practice website traffic organically by combining a simple system for blogging with the untapped power of Pinterest.

Click Here to learn more about The Blog Traffic Accelerator

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Therapy Notes

TherapyNotes™ is the most trusted online practice management system for behavioral health practices of all sizes. With scheduling, notes, billing, and a client portal – plus unlimited support and worry-free security – TherapyNotes™ helps you focus less on paperwork and more on what matters most: your clients.


To sign up or learn more, visit TherapyNotes, using promo code “PPS” to receive 2 months free instead of 1.


Want the inside scoop on what makes Therapy Notes so awesome! Listen to our podcast with CEO Brad Pliner on 5 Benefits of Using Cloud Based EMR Software for Private Practices!

Therapy Partner

TherapyPartner’s practice management technology continues to be an industry leader, helping clinicians across the country to streamline the business side of their business so they can truly earn more and thrive! The software intuitively learns your practice preferences, quickly streamlining all of your business of practice needs. Watch this video to learn more!

The technology automatically ties all administrative processes together including appointment scheduling, reminders, billing, automated/encrypted statements, progress notes and more! Click Here for Complimentary Comprehensive Audit to see how Therapy Partner can help your practice!

Online Recruiting Services


WizeHire is how you hire the right person every time. Your new favorite way for building your team is an online recruiting system that helps you attract, evaluate, and hire candidates faster at an affordable price. With easy-to-use software, a library of recruiting resources, and personalized support, growing your business has never been easier. Say Hello to Your Next Great Hire.

Liability & Malpractice Insurance

CPH & Associates

If you're in private practice, you need to protect yourself and your business so you can continue doing what you love most, making an impact with clients. CPH & Associates offers quality malpractice and liability insurance.


Protect your practice and have peace of mind today! Click here to get started.

Online Product Sales Platform

Thrive Cart

If you offer any products online, it’s essential that you have a high converting and user friendly platform for your checkout pages. Thrive Cart is a wonderful solution to for automating your checkout process, offering bump offers, creating upsells or downsells, reoccurring payments, and tracking all transactions as well as affiliate sales.


We use Thrive Cart in our online business and love it! Use this link to SAVE $1400 and get Thrive Cart today for just $595.

Video Marketing

Cupla Media: Practice Shorts

Video is one of the best tools we have when it comes to marketing and growing your practices. We want to help more therapists use video to reach out to their ideal clients.

That’s why my friends at Cupla Media created Practice Shorts – pre-made customizable videos for your practice. Practice Shorts are inexpensive, pre-made 30 second marketing videos. They are ready to customize with your logo and number. They are effective for social media conversions and website SEO.


Practice Shorts help you attract more clients, stay out of the spotlight (if you’re camera shy!), do more with less, and convert more browsers into clients! If you want to start using video to market your practice, CLICK HERE for 30% off.

Productivity Tools


We love Gusto as a payroll solution for private practitioners! Gusto automatically files and pays your taxes, it’s super easy to use, and you can add benefits and HR support to help take care of your team and keep your business safe. It’s loyal, it’s modern — you might fall in love yourself.


Listeners get three months free when they run their first payroll. Click here for your first 3 months for FREE!


Therachat is a comprehensive website and app that makes it easy for you to engage with your clients in between sessions, which increases client successful outcomes. Both therapists and clients love using it!

You can assign pre-made or customized homework between session, transfer documents AND send unlimited messages to all your clients. Fully secure & HIPAA-compliant web and mobile apps. Therapists describe Therachat as “Revolutionary” and an “Essential Companion”!


Try Therachat now. CLICK HERE to get your first month FREE (worth $40) with code TPPS.


Heard Bookkeeping and Tax is a platform built specifically for therapists that helps you track and improve your practice’s financial health.


Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned clinician or are in the first year of your practice, Heard will help you identify areas for growth and streamline best financial practices for your business.

When you sign up with Heard, you’ll work directly with financial specialists to track your income and expenses, file taxes online, and grow your business. You’ll also receive financial insights such as profit and loss statements and personalized monthly reports.


Say goodbye to pouring over spreadsheets and guessing your tax deductions or quarterly payments; focus on your clients, and Heard will take care of the rest. Plans begin at $60 per month and can easily be tailored to fit your business’ financial needs.


Schedule your first consultation at

G-Suite For Therapists

This e-course will help you learn how to maximize your productivity using Google G-Suite tools. If you are starting in private practice, G-Suite will keep your costs down while working on a "shoestring budget." The tools available in Google G-Suite can help you organize your private practice and all your administrative functions.

For one, you can set things up to keep your records safe and HIPAA secure. Also, you can streamline your documentation and progress note writing to get it done efficiently. Gordon shows you how to set it up the right way!


This comprehensive course will prepare you to best utilize all the tools available in Google G-Suite. Click Here for the e-course.

GreenOak Accounting

GreenOak Accounting's goal is to empower private practice owners with the financial information they need to make good business decisions.


They specialize in working with solo and group private practices in the mental health industry, so they are uniquely positioned to help with figuring out what’s “normal” in your business finances and what’s



Check them out at and get their free accounting checklist for private practice startups as well as lots of financial tips and tricks just for private practice owners.

The Receptionist

The Receptionist for iPad is a simple, inexpensive way to allow your clients to discreetly check in, to notify providers of a client’s arrival, and to ensure your front lobby is stress-free.

The software sends an immediate notification to the therapist when a client checks in and can even ask if any client information has changed since their last visit.

CLICK HERE to start a 14-day free trial and you’ll also get your first month free when you sign up.

Marketing & Design

Moo Business Cards

We’ve used Moo for business card designs in the past and loved them! Moo designs some of the most creative business cards on the market for a reasonable rate.


Click the link for more info.

Hootsuite Social Media Manager

We live by Hootsuite! Posting on all the social media platforms can be super time consuming and frustrating. Hootsuite eliminates the hassle by allowing you to post to different platforms simultaneously. Control all your Social Media profiles from one place by quickly and easily scheduling posts.


Click here to start your FREE 30 day trial!

99 Designs

Logo design is an essential aspect of branding and business development. 99 Designs is super cool, get the best designers from around the world to create numerous designs for you. Pick a winner and walk away with an original design.


It’s a super cool and reasonably priced! Click here to get started with the Brand Starter Pack!


We’ve been using GoDaddy since they inceptions of our businesses and have had a great experience with their website hosting and domain services. is the world’s leading domain name registrar with instant brand-name recognition and low registration fees. Click here for 30% off.

Business Services


If you’re in private practice than you NEED a HIPAA compliant email platform to securely send emails with clients.


Hushmail offers an amazing user friendly platform. Click here for 10% off.

Get Response

Over the years, we’ve used a ton of different platforms for email marketing, landing pages, forms, webinar platforms, etc. Get Response was the answer to our prayers with all services in ONE location.


Get your FREE MONTH trial Here. You’ll be glad you did!

Zoom - Video Conferencing & Webinars

Katie and I LOVE Zoom and use it often. It’s a very user friendly and reliable platform for video conferencing, webinars, screen sharing, and fully compliant for telehealth aka technology assisted counseling.


Click here to get your FREE trial and experience the greatness of Zoom! Call Forwarding

We’ve used for over 7 years and have been really happy with their services! In private practice, it’s super important to have professional boundaries with your client, helps you to easily set up your call forwarding number/s.


Give your business a phone line managed entirely online. Get a new number or transfer an existing one, add lines, and organize your business contacts for with Get your FREE 30 day trial here!

Click Meeting & Click Webinar

We’ve used Click Meeting and Click Webinar before migrating all our services to Get Response. If you are in need of just a webinar or meeting platform this is it! We tried several other well-known platforms but always had tech issues.


Incorporate presentation slides, images, videos, and even a white board for participant engagement and poll your participants throughout the webinar. This platform is easy to use and their customer service department is super responsive. We totally recommend it! Click here to try it FREE for 30 days!

Blue Host

We’ve used Blue Host and have been happy with their website hosting services. Keep your website safe and secure when you host through BlueHost.


BlueHost powers websites all over and offers 24/7 customer services to keep you, and your website, in business. Click here to get started with BlueHost today!

Financial & Business Courses

Money Matters In Private Practice

In this course, you will learn how to navigate the whole financial side of your practice. From setting fees to learning how to make your practice sustainable for the long haul.  Plus, you will learn about setting your prices, diversifying income, preparing for retirement, analyzing your cash flow, using "profit first," creating a financial plan, and accounting basics.


Click Here for the introductory e-course.

Legal Services


Legal Zoom provides you with the tools you need to protect your personal and business matters. Get an attorney’s advice on everything from business to leases and everything in between.


Kate’s used Legal Zoom to get trademarked. They were really efficient and the process was simple! Click here to get started.

We’ve used this to get incorporated in the past. If you don’t have an attorney that you’re connected to already, this is a great option. assists hundreds of thousands of small business owners incorporate or form an LLC. Click here to get your package savings for Just $99!.

Stock Photos

Adobe Stock Photos

This is one of our favorite stock photo for purchasing the rights to use images for content creation on your website and other marketing strategies.


Don’t make the mistake of using images without owning the rights or permission to use them. Here’s a link for 10 free images!



Audible is our favorite resource for when we want to get our time mastery ON. Download over 100,000 audio books right to wherever you are: home, work, or your commute.


Try Audible now and get your first month AND book free. If after 30 days you’re not hooked, still keep the book!

CEU Opportunities

CEUS With Good Therapy

GoodTherapy offers quality, accessible continuing education events. These events allow therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals to fulfill their license requirements while expanding their knowledge and clinical skills.


Their events are approved by leading sponsors for credit hours, and they are available with downloadable CE certificates. Premium Membership with GoodTherapy includes unlimited access to their approved CE Program, including live online events and hundreds of homestudy recordings. Register for a Premium Membership HERE.

CEUS With Clearly Clinical

Did you know you can get CE credit for listening to podcasts? Clearly Clinical is the nation's premier podcast Continuing Ed provider, and features industry experts from across the world.


They are an approved CE provider with the APA, ASWB, NBCC, NAADAC, CCAPP, and CAMFT, so almost every clinician in the country can get CE credit from listening to their podcast. Clearly Clinical supports minority and women presenters, and donates to The Trevor Project. You want to know the best part? They are literally the most affordable Continuing Ed provider in the country, bringing you unlimited CE courses for just $60 a year.


They have a number of free podcast CE courses, too, including CE interviews with some of the most famous psychologists and therapists out there. Click here for 10% OFF with code KANDK valid till 12/31/20.

Specialized Trainings

Certified First Responder Counselor Training

The Certified First Responder Counselor training program teaches counselors the unique needs and culture of first responders. Many responders are hesitant to go to counseling or seek mental health resources, and this program teaches "why" as well as how to build rapport and trust with this population.


The certification received after passing the CFRC exam shows that a counselor has done the work to complete this rigorous training and passed the exam, displaying cultural competency with the responder population. Click here for 25% off your purchase of the training with code PPS_25

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