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Private Practice Coaching

Your dream private practice is totally possible, let us help! 

You feel stuck not knowing where to start when it comes to building and growing your private practice. 


You've listened to podcasts, read tons of books, talked to other private practitioners, but all of the different advice leaves you filled with questions not knowing what to do first. #AnalysisParalysis


You're overwhelmed, frustrated, and disappointed that after spending years in school and tens of thousands of dollars, you weren't taught the branding, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills needed to be successful in private practice.  


In fact, you want to have a successful practice so you can make a bigger impact while working with clients you love and getting paid what you're worth.

You desire to be your own boss with the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule, pursue your passions, and live your dream lifestyle.


Ultimately, you wish you had a coach who could teach you the step-by-step process for how to set your practice up correctly and help you feel more confident as you navigate the new world of entrepreneurship. #LevelUp


You've researched different coaches and programs but haven't found the right fit yet. You want to have one on one individualized coaching and don't want to break the bank while doing so. 


We get it... we've been there and we want to help! 


Our team offers individual (aka 1x1) private practice coaching based on your personalized needs and goals. Let us help you confidently navigate the world of business, branding, marketing so you can successfully build and grow your dream private practice!

Meet Our Private Practice Coach - 
Kim Grocher, PhD, LCSW 

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You deserve to have support and encouragement while navigating the new world of entrepreneurship.

Let us help you confidently launch and grow your private practice!

Dr. Kim Grocher, LCSW has been in private practice since 2011. While it was always a goal for her and one of her primary reasons for becoming a social worker, she was afraid to take the leap even after years of practicing in a variety of inpatient and outpatient settings including inpatient and outpatient mental health/substance abuse facilities, sub-acute/long-term care, corporations (such as New York Times, The Times, Viacom, etc.), and group practice. 


She started with part-time private practice after completing her post-graduate training in Psychodynamic Couple Therapy at the Training Institute for Mental Health in NYC, because the couple she saw in the program wanted to continue working with her in private practice. 


Using her resourcefulness, she quickly figured out the essentials that needed to be in place to have a successful part-time private practice and soon began taking on additional clients. 


Kim understood the importance of investing in herself and her business. She joined the Private Practice Startup’s Marketing E-Course + Coaching program and then became an ambassador for the Private Practice Startup’s Facebook Group. 


After several years of part-time solo practice and working in a group practice, Kim took the leap to work full time in her private practice. Currently, she maintains a private practice in the New York City/NJ area, Maryland and South Florida where she provides psychotherapy with couples and professional women who are navigating mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, and reproductive mental health concerns. Additionally, Kim is a certified yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher and integrates yoga and mindfulness practices into her work with clients.


Kim is also an executive coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world’s most esteemed professional coaching organization.  She is passionate about helping other professionals and entrepreneurs work through their fears to create businesses that align with their values and lifestyle goals, so they can design lives they are excited about living. 


In addition to her clinical and coaching work, she has extensive experience as a trainer and educator. Kim is an adjunct professor at Columbia University School of Social Work, Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service, and Lecturer of Social Work in Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College.


Kim loves helping people improve their health and well-being by any means necessary whether it’s through working directly with clients, using her media production background to create media that expands mental health awareness, or helping clinicians grow their practices so more people can receive the help they need.  She has helped many mental health clinicians not only launch their private practices, but create thriving private practices that they LOVE working on and in. 


After graduating with her Doctoral degree in Social Work at Fordham University in New York City, Dr. Kim joined the Private Practice Startup as one of their private practice coaches. 


Kimberly’s clients have described her coaching style as: 


  • Extremely personable, always encouraging, and a creative and insightful force…” -Anastasia F. 


  •  “Despite her determination to see me thrive, she was never pushy or overbearing. She simply shined a light on my potential and my patterns and helped me to determine a way to make the best out of them both…”- Candace T.


  • She was able to gently coax me away from my comfort zone and guide me through my “feelings of being stuck”. I was challenged into identifying and stretching limits I had unknowingly set for myself and moving closer to finding my true passion during each session.” - Naa P. 


When Kimberly isn’t working with her clients, she enjoys practicing yoga, film, photography, spending time outdoors with her husband and pup, Mr. Marley, traveling and exploring art, culture, and architecture wherever she happens to be located at that moment.

Private Practice Coaching WILL Help YOU 
Achieve the Following Results


Create a clear, step by step plan for how to successfully build and grow your practice without losing your mind in the process.


Transform your mindset, overcome fears, and

boost confidence 
while navigating the new world of entrepreneurship.


Clarify your

niche so you can


attract clients

that you LOVE

working with. 


Develop a personalized marketing plan with actionable

steps highlighting your natural



Make a greater impact while having more freedom, flexibility, and making more money.

You DESERVE to work with the clients you LOVE and 

have the business you've always dreamed of...


DON'T WAIT... Get Started NOW!

Private Practice Coaching
For You If...

  • You're NEW to private practice or preparing to start your practice within the next 6 months.

  • And, you want to go at your own pace instead of having to keep up with a structured program.

  • You want the essential building blocks to build a solid foundation for your business from the start and to have a work-life balance.  

  • In fact, you want a budget-friendly option, and you don't want this to break the bank! 

  • You want support, encouragement, and kick in the butt when needed. 

  • Ultimately, you want a safe space to ask questions and address the mindset blocks such as imposter syndrome that can wreak havoc in your business.  

  • You want help creating policies such as: successfully navigating the initial call; confidently setting your fee without compromising self-worth; or handling a cancellation or no show. 

  • Lastly, you want successful strategies to start getting clients.

Individual 1x1 Coaching


One 1:1 private practice coaching allows you the opportunity to have a personalized approach to meet your needs and goals. You'll get 1:1 individualized attention allowing you to get laser-focused on the results you want to attain from coaching. 


You deserve to work with the clients you love and build a business that works for you!  Let us help you get there!


We have several options for you to choose from... select the Laser-Focused Hour-long coaching or 30 Minute Laser-Focused coaching, but for the most bang for your buck take advantage of the discounted rate for 4 hours of Laser-Focused coaching. 

3 Easy Payment Options

1 Hour

Laser Focused 



30 Minute
Laser Focused 


4 Hours
Laser Focused 
(Savings of $120)


Ready to Jump-Start Your Practice Success? 
Get Started Today! 

Group of business owners celebrating. Lean about private practice coaching and starting a private practice from a therapist coach at Private Practice Startup

No matter where you are in your private practice journey, we can support you. Private Practice Startup offers Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork packages, FREE HIPPA forms, Marketing E-Course, Client Converting Call Script, Private Practice Coaching, FREE podcasts, and more. We look forward to working with you!

Dr. Kim's Private Practice Coaching
Rave Reviews... 


“I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kim Grocher as my private practice coach while I transitioned from part-time to full-time private practice. Dr. Kim helped me work through all my self-limiting thoughts and perspectives. She also coached me as I left my full-time job at an underserved community clinic. I relied on this coaching so much and I will always be grateful for Kate, Katie and Kim!!”

- Dr. Danielle Graddick

Megan Murray.webp

“The Private Practice Startup’s E-Course, coaching sessions, and resources have been a huge help! I learned a ton about marketing and feel so much clearer about my niche and messaging. I’m making progress with my business goals and feeling a lot more confident to take the steps I was nervous about before. Dr. Kim’s coaching provided me with the accountability, guidance, and positivity I needed. I’m very happy I invested in this program!”

- Megan Murray, LCSW

Anne Hosey.webp

“Coaching with Kim is super helpful. She has the ability to see others' strengths clearly, and really challenged me to name and own areas where I excel. She is compassionate, pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and offered a lot of positive affirmations along the way. I started coaching feeling pretty lost and overwhelmed, and now I feel much more confident, clear, and directional. I would highly recommend Kim as a coach and mentor.”

- Anne Hosey, LPC

Frequently Asked Questions 


We offer one on one coaching options and group coaching along side the
Private Practice Marketing-Ecourse to best meet your needs. With all of the other business startup costs, we understand finances can be a concern for many of you. This is why we provide different payment options so you can get the support you need without breaking the bank. 

You'll see on the 
checkout page there are options to purchase a 30-minute Laser-Focused Coaching Session; an Hour Laser-Focused Coaching Session or a cost-saving package of 4 Hour Laser-Focused Coaching Sessions. 


Once coaching is scheduled, we meet via zoom. Please make sure to sign on a few minutes early on your computer in a quiet place and bring headphones (the ones that come with your phone will work just fine) for the best quality experience. All coaching sessions will be recorded and sent to you so you can continue to refer back to them in the future. 


If you are interested in joining the Marketing E-Course and/or Coaching program(s), we invite you to schedule your free consult, 
CLICK HERE to get started. If you're ready to purchase your coaching session/s, CLICK HERE to select your coaching options. Once you purchase, you'll receive an email connecting you with your coach and showing you how to schedule your first session. 


We help clinicians build and grow their dream practice without exhaustion, overwhelm, or going broke.   


Once you book your coaching session, you'll receive an email introducing you to your coach and showing you how to schedule your coaching session. Once you schedule, you'll receive a calendar invite with the zoom link to join the coaching call. We make it easy peasy for you... all you need is your computer, headphones (the ones that come with your phone will work just fine), and a quiet place to focus. 



Starting and growing your private practice can be really time-consuming and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Working with a private practice coach can help you fast-track your practice success without losing your mind in the process. This reduces the risk of wasting time, energy, and money trying to learn everything on your own. 


One-on-one coaching allows you the opportunity to have a personalized approach to best meet your coaching needs and goals. You'll get one on one individualized attention allowing you to get laser-focused on the results you want to attain from coaching. 


You deserve to build a business that works for you and works with the clients you love most. Let us help you get there!


We offer different options for one on one coaching to best meet your needs! You will be able to select from the following options: 30 Minute Laser-Focused Coaching; 1 Hour Laser-Focused Coaching; or SAVE the MOST with our Package of 4, 1 Hour Laser-Focused Coaching Sessions. You will be able to decide with your coach how you would like to break up the coaching sessions. 



We want you to get the best possible results possible from coaching, which is why we require that you use your coaching sessions within 3 months of the initial purchase date. ​


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for our one on one coaching. If you MUST cancel or reschedule, you need to do so within 24 hours of your scheduled coaching time otherwise you will forfeit the cost of your coaching session.


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