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woman on the phone representing a therapist using a private practice call script to convert her ideal clients as she works on growing a private practice. Get therapist coaching from Private Practice Startup today!

Client Converting Call Script

Feel more confident with converting callers into ACTUAL clients with our proven, step-by-step script! 

Master the Initial Call &
Fill Your Practice With Clients You LOVE

Your business phone rings... 


Although you're excited about the prospect of a potential new client, you’re nervous and not sure how to best navigate the call. 

You're anxious because you don't want to lose yet another client! Ugh!


Maybe you find yourself wasting time on callers that aren't a good fit for you. Maybe you have a bad habit of getting sucked into long conversations during the initial call, which you secretly resent. 


Perhaps you don’t know how to answer common questions such as: “do you take my insurance” or "how much do you cost". 


Maybe you're terrified to state your fee confidently or maybe it's something else... 


Whatever it is, you need to get a handle on this and fast. Your business depends on your ability to take charge of the call and confidently convert callers into actual clients. 


You wish you had a proven strategy or step-by-step formula to successfully navigate the initial call with clients so you can: 


  • Avoid the initial call pitfalls that leave you feeling desperate, stressed out, and frustrated

  • Work with clients you love

  • Confidently state your fee and stick to it

  • Know how to answer tricky questions and keep the conversation moving

  • Get clients to commit to taking the next step and securing them on your schedule

  • Complete calls within a reasonable amount of time


We get it, we’ve been there! 


When we first started in private practice over a decade ago, we struggled on the phone with potential clients… 


We remember the calls that lasted 5 seconds and ended up with a click... 


In fact, we remember feeling panicked when the phone rang not knowing what to do or say, but knowing the livelihood of our business depended on it! 


We remember dreading the insurance question and feeling uncomfortable discussing fees! 


That’s why we went on a mission to learn as much as possible about sales and marketing so we could discover a formula that works to convert callers into ACTUAL clients. We spent the past decade perfecting our proven strategy with thousands of client calls.  


As a matter of fact, this is the EXACT private practice script we use with potential clients. It has kept our full-fee, private-pay practices thriving and full for years (plus really good marketing, of course).


Grab your Client Converting Call Script for ONLY $197


***PLUS We'll GIFT you a BONUS Masterclass (Value $97) for FREE: "Turn POTENTIAL Clients into ACTUAL Clients"***


It's truly the gift that keeps on giving!!!                 

We're Kate & Katie


We both built our thriving private practices from the ground up and love helping therapists across the globe to brand themselves, so they can work with the clients they love and live the lives they have always dreamed of.


We’ve spent over a decade perfecting our proven strategy with thousands of client calls. We also spent a TON of money in sales and marketing trainings to discover a proven formula that works to convert callers into ACTUAL clients. 


As a matter of fact this is the EXACT private practice script we use with potential clients. It has kept our 6 figure practices thriving and full for years (plus really good marketing, of course).


Cheers to your practice success!! ~Kate & Katie

Private Practice Call Script
Rave Reviews

Jamie Ratowski.jpeg

✨✨✨ “Through using the call script, I have been able to convert more callers into clients and have a really good success rate. I highly recommend the initial phone call script for both new and seasoned clinicians!"

~ Jamie R.

Dr. Kim Grocher Private Practice Coach - small size .jpg.jpg

✨✨✨“The Call Script helps me connect with my ideal clients while discerning those who aren’t so I can refer them out. It has streamlined the consult calls and helps me start off on the right foot with new clients!”

~ Dr. Kim G.

An image of a therapist who gave good reviews of the private practice script after learning about marketing for therapists and starting a private practice with Private Practice Startup

✨✨✨ “I have consistently thrived over the past 6-8 months, because of your call script! I have an 80% conversion rate for turning callers into actual clients! It’s remarkable. It’s VERY apparent the profound degree of trust and hope it inspires in prospective clients. I’m very appreciative!”

~ Jordan Z.

A therapist who gave client testamony on the private practice script and learned about starting a private practice from a therapist coach at Private Practice Startup

✨✨✨ “I booked my first full-fee client using the call private practice script. It was awesome! The script was really instrumental."

~ Jackie L.

Photo of a therapist who gave client testimony on the private practice script and marketing for therapists. Learn more about starting a private practice from therapist coaches at Private Practice Startup

✨✨✨ "Thank you for an EXCELLENT call converting script! It has been a great structure to close more client inquiries!"

~ Jim U.

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✨✨✨“I booked two new clients at my premium fee using the client converting call private practice script the first day!”

~ Ruth H.

Josh Kellar.png

✨✨✨“Incredible resource for getting clients from inquiry to first session. The plan will leave you feeling more confident with what to say and why it’s important. The first call sets the tone for what clients can expect if you decide to work with them. I cannot recommend the call script enough. I keep it printed so I can follow it when I’m responding to intake calls.”

~ Josh K.

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