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How to Avoid Losing Private Pay Clients When Asked “Do You Take Insurance?”
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"Do you take insurance?"


"If you don't take insurance, can we do sliding scale?"


"Can I go from weekly to biweekly sessions?"


"You're increasing your fee again?"


If you've ever had clients ask you these questions and struggled to answer, you're not alone.


Join us to learn how to deal with awkward questions from clients, how to feel confident in your cash pay rate, and tips on how to unlock the power of out-of-network benefits to bridge the gap between in-network therapy and private pay.

Join us tuesday march 26th @ 1pm ET/10am pt

During this 1- hour LIVE FREE masterclass you will: 


  1. Get scripts on how to answer the "do you take insurance" question during consultation calls.

  2. Get examples of marketing strategies and tools for private pay therapists.

  3. Get an understanding of out-of-network benefits and how to leverage them to build a successful cash pay practice.

Meet Our Guest:
Christine Li

Christine Li, the founder & CEO of Mentaya, is an enthusiastic advocate for therapists. She firmly believes that therapists can build successful cash pay private practices while being part of making mental healthcare accessible.


Christine started Mentaya to simplify the complexities of out-of-network billing, ensuring that therapists collect their full cash rate while helping clients use their insurance benefits to get up to 80% back on private pay therapy.


Prior to Mentaya, Christine was a product manager at Google, where she mastered the art of building delightful product experiences.

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Register For the Master Class Today!

*** Can't make it live REGISTER anyway, and we will send you the replay!***

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