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CEU Collaboration for Florida LMFTs, LCSWs, LMHCs & Licensed Psychologists

We partner with individuals, agencies, and organizations to provide CEUS to Florida Chapter 490 Clinicians (Licensed Psychologists) and Florida Chapter 491 Clinicians (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Mental Health Counselors).  

We provide CEUs for their presentations, trainings, workshops, seminars, conferences, or events.

What You Do:

  1. Decide on a specific training, workshop, or seminar you would like to host/present.

  2. Establish your presenter(s), location, time, date, and marketing.

  3. Contact usabout your event and details, and we will set up a call to explain the process.

  4. Complete the abstract and agreement.

  5. Prepare for your event, present, and have a GREAT time!

  6. Send us the sign in sheets and have attendees complete the evaluations.

  7. We do the rest!


What We Do:

  1. Upload, publish, and get your training approved by CE Broker. 

  2. Provide evaluations, hard copy (if you are paying) or online instructions (if attendees are paying).

  3. Enter licensees’ information/CEUs into CE Broker once the course is completed.

  4. Certificates – certificates are emailed to you prior to your event to pass out at the training (if you are paying).  If the attendees are paying for their CEUs once they complete their evaluations online we email out the certificate.

Cost Structure

  1. See below of costs of CEUs.  For organization paying for tCEUs, we offer a 10% discount for events with 20+ attendees. 

  2. *** Please note that a minimum of $100 in CEUs is required.***  

  3. Interested in our CEU Courses.  We provide live Shopto see what might pique your interest.   trainings, webinars and online courses.  Check out our 

  4. Send us an email Kate@ThePrivatePracticeStartup.comto let us know that you are ready to get the CEU process started.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!  

1 to 3.75 Hours


4 to 8 Hours


2 Full Days


3 Full Days


4 Full Days


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