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The Step-By-Step Dream PracticePlaybook so You Can Fill Your Practice With Clients You Love and Live Your Dream Life

It's time to stop wasting your precious time, money, and energy learning everything the hard way.

It's Time to STOP Struggling with Creating Your Dream Private Practice!

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Remember taking that “How to Start a Private Practice” course in graduate school?


No?  Me either! 


What about the “How to Market Your Private Practice” course, or “How to Become a Successful Business Owner” course, or "How to Build a Full-Fee, Cash Pay Private Practice". 


You didn’t have those either?!?


School taught us quite a few things.  School taught us how to become GREAT clinicians, but most of us NEVER got the necessary education on how to become GREAT business owners.  


The truth is therapists often lack the essential business and marketing skills to be successful as mental health professionals in private practice. 


So many therapists struggle in private practice and make a lot of mistakes that could be easily avoided.  


Here are two major problems that get in the way of therapists being successful in private practice:   


  • Most therapists don’t have any formal business, marketing, or sales training, which positions them to be in the 80% of businesses that fail in the first 5 years.  

  • Therapists take well-intended business and marketing advice from friends, family, and professionals who aren’t private practice building experts.  This leads them feeling confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  They waste their time, money, and energy trying desperately to succeed, but end up stuck, struggling, or failing. 


We get it, therapists try to cut corners and save money by doing everything themselves and learning everything the hard way.  


They chase all the shiny objects with no system, process, or plan and they try all the marketing strategies, because that is what they were told to do.


This “DIY” mentality is counterproductive and not effective. 


Most therapists in private practice end up wasting a ton of time, money, and energy leaving them exhausted, overwhelmed, and completely burnt out. 


They spin their wheels, work way too hard, see clients they aren’t passionate about, and sacrifice their value by reducing their fee or going on insurance panels just to pay the bills.  


They get stuck in a never ending viscous cycle and with a business that drains them.  


Why do we know this???  


Because we too were once in your shoes, back in the day... 


We STRUGGLED trying to figure out everything the hard way, because there were not many private practice building resources or private practice building coaches at that time. 


I guess it’s time we introduced ourselves… 

We're Kate & Katie...
2 Therapists with Entrepreneurial Spirits

We are two therapists from South Florida who had a desire to build our dream practices and live our dream lives (just like you). 


We wanted to live life on our terms, be our own boss, create our own schedules, work with the clients we are most called to serve, and get paid well for the work we do.  

We both built our individual private practices from the ground up doing all the wrong things until we learned the secrets behind building, marketing, and growing successful private practices. 


Once we learned the secrets on how to do that, we created sustainable and thriving 6-figure, full fee private practices, and the best part… we’ve helped so many therapists (just like you) do the same! 

You can ABSOLUTELY have your dream private practice AND live your dream lifestyle.

photo of a group of diverse progessional adults celebrating representing successfully starting a private practice in therapy and living your dream. Get your Dream Practice Playbook from Private Practice Startup Today!

Therapists, we are here to tell you… You can ABSOLUTELY have your dream counseling private practice AND live your dream lifestyle.   


It’s time to stop listening to all the rhetoric out there that tells you, you have to do ALL the things to be successful in private practice.  


We created a FREE “Your Dream Private Practice Playbook” just for you. 


This is the exact formula we have used to create our successful 6 figure, private pay counseling private practices and countless other therapists (just like you).  


Let us help you create your dream practice and live a life you love!


Don’t wait, let us help you fast track your private practice success. You DESERVE to have the practice of your dreams! 


Get Your FREE Dream Private Practice

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It's Time to Work Smarter,

Not Harder. So You Can...

  • Fill your practice with your ideal clients

  • Make more money and work less hours

  • Simplify your business success with a step by step proven system

  • Say goodbye to exhausted and ineffective marketing strategies

Sean Davis, PhD, LMFT

I’m only about 25% into integrating all the changes I learned, and in just a few weeks our calls more than doubled and in about a month our group went from 55% to 85% full!  I went from maintaining for months, to almost full and ready to hire two new clinicians next month. 

Rachel Smith, LMFT

Even through a pandemic and in less than a year, I’ve built a thriving almost 6 figure private practice. If you’re questioning whether this course is a good fit or if you want to make this investment, I highly recommend taking that leap of faith in yourself and your business. Kate & Katie are amazing and I’m so grateful for them!

Elizabeth Olivarez, LPC

I’m a little over a year in my own private practice. Kate and Katie helped me build confidence and gave me business tools like how to build a website and market. I now see about 20 clients a week. I feel excited and motivated for what’s next… a group practice. I hope that if you’re thinking about joining, you lean into that as it will change your life.

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