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Private Practice E-Course Questions?




We've Got Answers...

Excited for the Private Practice Marketing

E-Course, but Have Questions? Read Our FAQs! 

When is the registration deadline?

You can register at any time, but keep in mind that the discounted price will end when the countdown timer stops so make sure to purchase before then.

When will I gain access to the course and bonuses?

Regardless of the program you choose, once you purchase you’ll get instant access to the course and all of the bonuses included. You’ll receive an email with login instructions showing you how to set up your account to gain access.

If you’re taking the e-course self-study (without coaching), it’s a self-paced course so you can take it anytime at your convenience. You will have lifetime access to the materials so if you ever want a refresher, you can go back to watch the videos.

If you add new programs, products or services to your business in the future and want to apply these proven strategies, the materials are yours to keep AND are effective for ANY type of business.  We recommend that you stick to the ideal 90 day schedule as you consume the course content and do the work that way, you stay on track for optimal success.

What kind of results are people getting?

Our alumni are: 

  • seeing more of their ideal clients who are happily paying their full-fee; 

  • getting more calls with potential clients each week; 

  • hiring new associates at their group practices to support business growth; 

  • feeling more confident with a solid marketing foundation and strategy; 

  • doubling the amount of attendees to their workshops; 

  • being able to leave their full time job to pursue practice full time; 

  • transitioning off insurance panels to have a full private pay practice;

  • building a business that is in alignment with their personal life and family goals;

  • supporting and providing for their families without working multiple jobs; 

  • working their ideal schedule and living a life they love;

  • feeling happier and more confident in themselves and their practices, and so much more!  

  • We look forward to adding YOUR results to this list as well

How are the e-course self-study and e-course + coaching options different?

Great question!  The E-Course Self-Study (without coaching) option allows you to go at your own pace.  We give you a suggested layout and schedule to consume the content and do the work, which sets you up for optimal success. The Self-Study option is great for highly motivated and self disciplined people who are really good at doing the work, following through with assignments, and applying the step by step systems presented to you.

The E-Course + Coaching option is for people who want to streamline the process to get results quicker and are looking for more support and accountability as they move through the program.  This is an amazing option, because you get the greatest amount of support and feedback from your coach while you’re implementing everything that you’ve learned. People experience transformations at a much faster rate in coaching, because they have direct support while doing the work.

By choosing the E-Course + Coaching option, you’ll have an added layer of accountability and encouragement since we’ll be tackling the work together.  If you love accountability and working with and supporting others, this is a GREAT option for you!

If you’re having a hard time deciding which option is the right fit for you, schedule a 15-minute consultation with our coach to help you make the right choice for your goals.

What topics are covered in the Private Practice Marketing course as well as the course + coaching?

Visit the website for a complete list of the topics and their description.


How is this course different from other practice building courses?

We help clinicians fast track building their dream self-pay private practice without the exhaustion, overwhelm, or going broke in the process.   

This course cuts right to the chase.  There’s no fluff… you can learn about accounting, how to get incorporated, what to name your business, or what logo design to choose anywhere.  

What MOST therapists don’t know and that is ESSENTIAL to growing and sustaining a business is MARKETING! Truth is if you don’t know how to brand yourself and market successfully, you won’t have a business.  

In the course, we teach you to focus on your marketing strengths and forget or outsource the rest.  We teach the importance of branding, niching, and crafting marketing messages that attract your ideal clients.  We help you identify your ideal clients' pain points and how to use your natural talents to create a niche meeting the needs of those who need you most, helping you love what you do, AND… that’s EXACTLY what we’ve done with our e-course. We’re taken OUR greatest strength and passion and created a solution to help therapists with what they struggle with most… MARKETING.  

The sole focus of this course is to help you create an authentic brand and build the foundation of marketing to be successful in private practice (and actually ANY business).

Did we say we are KATE AND KATIE… that means… we’re a duo, so you get the knowledge and expertise from 2 practice building experts, not just one. We spent over a DECADE each (that’s 20 years of combined experience) learning what works and what doesn’t for building and growing thriving private practices.

I’ve been in private practice for some time, but don’t have a full practice. Is this course for me?


Essentially, this course is 110% for you unless you are quitting your practice tomorrow and going to teach underwater basket weaving.  Ha! 


Whether your goals are to have a full practice, learn how to market to have a consistent flow of clients, market your e-course, workshop, conference, write great marketing copy, etc.  This course IS for YOU!

We created the Private Practice Marketing E-Course to support therapists in every stage of their business from the planning stage to the launching stage to the established practitioner who wants to systemize their marketing, increase income, expand their income into other areas and have greater results.  

I have a full practice, but want to expand my business into a group practice. Would this course help me grow and market my group practice?

Regardless if you’re a solopreneur or group practice owner, our step by step proven marketing system will help you to fill your practice with your ideal clients. As successful practice building coaches and therapists, we have first hand experience of both solopreneur and group practice owner so we’ve got you covered.

I’m on insurance, but want to attract more full-fee self-pay clients, would this course help me fill my practice with more private pay clients?

Yes, if you’re wanting to fill your practice with the clients you LOVE who will happily pay your full-fee, this is the course for you. We’ve helped clinicians transition off of insurance panels and grow their full-fee, private pay practices. You deserve to work with the clients you love and get paid well.  Let us help you get there!

I don’t plan on opening my practice for a few months, is this course for me?

Unfortunately, the hard facts about businesses are that 80% of businesses fail in the first 5 years.  School taught us how to be GREAT clinicians, but most grad school programs don’t teach us how to be awesome business owners.  A large part of growing ANY business is knowing how to brand yourself and market effectively. If you don’t know how to grow and market your practice, it will be hard to sustain your business.  


Being in business is a constant journey of growth and professional development. Learning how to brand yourself and create a solid marketing plan BEFORE you open is essential to your success. Let us help you be part of the 20% with a THRIVING practice.  We will see you in the course!

I’m still in grad school, is it too soon for me to take this course?

If you aim to open your business anywhere between 3 - 6 months after graduating and can devote time to working on your business while in grad school to launch it successfully, then yes, we would encourage you to join us!  


Remember, therapy skills don’t equal business skills. Being a business owner is completely different from being a clinician. Learning about business and marketing and creating a plan to be successful is essential.

How will I know if this course is for me?

We created this course to help therapists in all stages of private practice. The step by step proven systems and strategies we teach are applicable for any stage of business building, growing, and scaling. Whether you’re just starting out in private practice or growing your group practice or adding multiple revenue streams with e-courses, trainings, or products, this course is for you!  


The step by step marketing system we teach you is applicable to ANY business model and guess what?! It’s YOURS for a LIFETIME!!

This IS for you if…

  • If you’re a therapist in private practice with a niche or a want to clarify your niche, this course is for you!

  • If you’re inspired and motivated to get clear on your marketing messages, this course if for you!

  • If you’re wanting to have FUN, roll up your sleeves and do the work to get the results, this course is for you!

  • If you want to make more money, have more FREEDOM, and fill your practice with clients you LOVE, this course is for you!

The is NOT for you if…

  • You want the marketing fairy to sprinkle magic practice building fairy dust and poof your practice is full. We’re here to support you and make the process easier and faster, but won’t actually do the work for you.  

  • You want to sit back, relax, and just Netflix and chill all day.

  • You think niching is a terrible idea.

  • You don’t want to hang out with a cool group of therapists who are changing the world and living their dream lifestyle.

  • Your friends and family “lovingly” refer to you as “Oscar the grouch” or a “mean girl”.

How much time will I need to invest each week to do the work?

As a business owner, it’s important to take time away from working IN your business and commit to working ON your business.  Throughout the course, we suggest you block out anywhere between 2 - 6 hours per week to work ON your business. Stepping back, looking at the big picture and designing your business creates simplicity, clarity and so much more.  


When you invest in yourself and your business on a consistent basis, that’s where you gain major traction and the greatest return on investment. We can’t wait to show you the way!

As you go through the course, the amount of “growth work” will vary from week to week. Some weeks will require more time like developing your brand, clarifying your ideal clients, creating marketing messages, and wire-framing your website. Other weeks will be less work, but we recommend you get into the habit of working ON your business each week and not just as part of this course but as a GREAT business practice.


If you purchase the course + coaching option, you’ll have the opportunity to go through the course with other coachees as many times as you want. If you purchase the course only, you can access the materials forever so you continue to reap the rewards for a lifetime!

What will the live coaching video calls entail?

The live group coaching calls are hosted on zoom.  We LOVE to celebrate your wins and accomplishments over the week.  Each coaching call goes deeper into the material, answers questions you have from the previous week’s work, offers laser-focused coaching, and gives you specific feedback to you improve each week’s growth work. We are here to serve you and help you in the ways you need it the most.


What if I can’t attend all of the live coaching video calls?

If you can’t attend a coaching call live, no problem, the calls are all recorded and will be stored in the e-course platform for you to go back and review at ANY time.  

How tech-savvy do I need to be to do the course?  What platforms are used?

We make the tech side of things as easy as possible. You’ll need to read emails, click the link to set up an account in our e-course platform and then watch the videos.  If you’re in coaching - you’ll log into the e-course platform and then click the link to join the zoom coaching calls, do the work and reap the rewards!

If I buy the E-Course ONLY option and decide that I want to upgrade at a later time, can I do that? 

Yes, of course! You would need to pay the difference between the E-Course ONLY option and the E-Course + Coaching option. If we’ve already hosted the first 2 weeks of coaching sessions, then you would also need to wait for a new round of coaching to start and then join in! 

How do I know that the return on investment with this course will be worth it?


It’s so important to invest in yourself. When you go “all in” on yourself, that’s where the MAGIC happens! When you actually pay the money and do the work to invest in yourself that’s when AMAZING results happen. NOW it’s your turn to decide!  

If you were to get JUST ONE new client who paid you $125 per session and see them once a week for the duration of the course, you would have paid for the course, but the beautiful thing is that you would have the knowledge and know how to continue to market to new clients increasing your caseload and income. Wouldn’t you say that’s worth it?!

I’m on a tight budget, is there any way to make this course more affordable?

We definitely understand wanting and desiring something to support your growth and development and wrestling with the money stuff as well.  We’ve been there! The thing is... it’s really hard for us to think about the cost versus value.

We spent over a DECADE each (that’s 20+ years of combined experience) learning what works and what doesn’t for building and growing thriving private practices. We’ve worked with coaches, attended seminars, purchased e-course programs, read tons of books, and invested in ourselves to bring YOU everything we’ve learned.


Since 2016, we’ve been LASER FOCUSED on marketing strategies by investing over $20,000 to fine tune everything we’ve learned so we could teach it to YOU.  These exact marketing formulas have helped us DOUBLE our income EVERY YEAR since!

We LOVE seeing our coachees get AMAZING results.  Coachees have been able to pay back the entire course + coaching in less than 90 days and continue to use the information, content to produce amazing results in their businesses.  How do we put a number to that?

How long will I have access to the course? What about the FB Group?

If you purchase the e-course only, you will have lifetime access to the e-course program.  

If you choose the e-course + coaching option, you will have lifetime access to the facebook group and the e-course program.

What else will I need to do in addition to the course to be successful?

The truth is that if you don’t know how to market and market consistently you most likely won’t have a business.  It is essential not only to learn how to market, but you must have and be willing to have a marketing budget. Depending on where you are in your practice and your goals, we recommend 15% - 25%+ of your income go to marketing especially in the beginning to get your practice up and sailing.  Start this VERY moment, don't wait for the course to begin. This will for sure help you succeed!

What if I need help after the program ends? 

The great thing about purchasing our e-course (either option) is that you always have access to the course FOREVER that’s 24/7/365 indefinitely.  You can always go back to review lessons, apply them to any project you are working on and reap the results.

For those who want further help, support, and growth along the way, we recommend joining our "MASTERYMIND".  The mastermind is available for graduates of our e-course only and e-course + coaching options.


What if I’m not happy with the course?

For the E-Course + Coaching option, we’re completely COMMITTED to your practice SUCCESS and want you to be fully satisfied with your experience! That being said, if you purchased the E-Course + Coaching option and aren’t happy with the course, you have 7 days from the start of the course to take advantage of our money back guarantee less the cost of bonuses you received at the time of purchase.

For the E-Course ONLY option, if you’re not happy with the course we offer a 7-day money back guarantee from the time you purchased your course less the cost of bonuses you received at the time of purchase.   

How do I know that the return of investment with this course will be worth it?

It’s so important to invest in yourself. When you go “all in” on yourself, that’s where the MAGIC happens! When you actually pay the money and do the work to invest in yourself that’s when AMAZING results happen. NOW it’s your turn to decide!  

If you were to get JUST ONE new client who paid you $125 per session and see them once a week for the duration of the course, you would have paid for the course, but the beautiful thing is that you would have the knowledge and know how to continue to market to new clients increasing your caseload and income. Wouldn’t you say that’s worth it?!

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