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Attract Clients through your Website Now

Kat Love is the founder of and a psychotherapy website designer. Her appreciation of therapists stems from the powerful healing that therapists helped her achieve due to her own childhood sexual abuse history. Because of this, she has dedicated herself to creating websites for those in private practice. Currently living in Greece, and a former art model, Kat is filled with surprises.

“Kat, what led you into the business you are in now?”

Kat told our audience that as a child she was sexually abused and neglected, and because of that trauma, she sought out therapy. Over the years of getting help, support, and guidance from therapy, it truly helped Kat have really amazing transformational healing. Because of this, she is so grateful and such a big fan of therapists. She wanted to dedicate her life and career to helping not only therapists, but people like herself trying to find the therapist that is a perfect match for them. She said, “helping people like me connect with a therapist that can really help them – that's the best feeling”.

“What is the best advice you have ever received that relates to being an entrepreneur or business owner?”

She opened by describing her advice in one word: niche. She told the audience to find a niche and narrow down who your ideal client is, and who it is you can really help and feel the most passionate about serving. With that, you can have all of your branding and marketing and your website geared towards connecting and speaking to that.

  • Tip from Kat: Niching is good to reach ideal clients, but you also can attract really amazing referral sources because of your specializations!

So Startup Nation, here are your five tips on how to turn website visitors into clients!

  • Credibility -This is what can make or break your website and your first impression. -You need to make your website design really professional – it cannot look like it’s from 1998! It needs to be modern and up to date. -Remember the ease of use for the viewer! If your info is all over the place, it’s hard for visitors to find what they are looking for. -Contact info on every single page is crucial – it makes you easy to reach out to.

  • Clear Website Strategy -Every page needs to have a purpose and that purpose should lead to your primary call to action. -Go onto each page and ask yourself, “What’s the logical next step that this page needs to have in order to have a call to action for booking their session with me?” You need a very clear invitation to the website visitor in order for them to pick up the phone and make that next step.

  • Video -Video really helps conversion rates! -This is a great way to Introduce yourself and your services on your home page or About Me page. It is a proven way to get over the barrier of making your website ‘human’ and allowing people to truly get to know you.

  • Content Marketing -The most common way to share content is through a written blog, a “vlog” (video blog), or a podcast! These types of content will help people get to know you and trust you. -Kat recommends the minimum for blogging to be around twice a month. It’s not going to be effective if you are barely blogging. Once or twice a week would be best! -Start small & don’t get burned out. Take only 2-4 hours each week and post whatever comes to you, it doesn't have to be super long, maybe just around 500-1000 words. It also does not have to be, as Kat said, “from the depths of your soul” – it could be something as fun as a list of your favorite book recommendations! Don't pressure yourself into doing complicated posts.

  • Focus -Make sure to keep your website client focused. A lot of therapists tend to say, “look at my credentials!” Your website visitors care about what you care about. and they care about how you care. When you think of your website, drop into the empathy you have for your website visitor and create from there. -Think, “what kind of things are they struggling with the moment that they arrive on my website, and how can I speak directly to that place and help them and guide them to a solution?” Maybe the solution is you, or it could even be instilling hope. It’s about making them not feel alone, and helping them see that healing is possible.

“Kat, what do you want to make sure our listeners get from today?”

"At the end of the day, it’s all about helping. If you make sure in your marketing you are generous and out there to serve and help others, then everything else falls into place. Connect through helping."

Be sure to check out the Show Notes page for Kat’s great book recommendation as well!

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