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Kat Love is the founder of and a psychotherapy website designer. Her appreciation of therapists stems from the powerful healing that therapists helped her achieve due to her own childhood sexual abuse history. Because of this, she has dedicated herself to creating websites for those in private practice. Currently living in Greece, and a former art model, Kat is filled with surprises.

“Kat, what led you into the business you are in now?”

Kat told our audience that as a child she was sexually abused and neglected, and because of that trauma, she sought out therapy. Over the years of getting help, support, and guidance from therapy, it truly helped Kat have really amazing transformational healing. Because of this, she is so grateful and such a big fan of therapists. She wanted to dedicate her life and career to helping not only therapists, but people like herself trying to find the therapist that is a perfect ma