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Brand Your Mission in 5 Steps Now!

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Meet Alexandra Figueredo, talented Author, Speaker, Trainer, Singer-Performer and Journalist, this energetic “mission-preneur” is avidly passionate about all things, mission related. A term she coined herself, “mission-preneur” refers to mission driven entrepreneurs, who are purpose driven people wanting to make a strong impact in the world. Her company, the Mission Based Branding Institute, was born from this, and she has loved every minute of it. Read more on how to Brand Your Mission in 5 Steps Now!

“Alexandra, what led you into the business you’re in now?”📷

Raised as a dancer and performer since she was a child, Alexandra excelled in school which led to studying finance in college. This performer entered the banking world, and realized quickly it was not what her mission was, or what she was meant to do. In 2010, she resigned from her high-end position and began on her journey trying to figure out what her mission was. She wrote her first book in 2011 and jumped into the industry of coaching artists and becoming a starving artist herself.  She helped people with their business strategies, marketing, and much more. After realizing that this job just wasn't resonating, she got her Master’s degree in Strategic Communications. Now, instead of focusing on artists, Alexandra focuses on the mission driven population of entrepreneurs.

In 2013 she launched the Mission Based Branding Institute – an educational and strategic agency that focuses on helping “mission-preneurs” think clear about their mission. Her clients learn how to align with their ideal clients and share their authentic voice with the world, and ultimately, make an impact.

“What is the best advice you have ever received in regards to building a business and becoming an entrepreneur?”

Alexandra encourages Startup Nation to FIND A MENTOR! She described this as the best and quickest way to grow, personally and professionally, and a sure way to blow up within your industry! Being in the mental health profession, you are a “solo-preneur”, therefore it is important especially for those who are more individual in their business to gain that accountability and utilize skills for their own solo practice.

“What is the toughest thing you had to overcome to be where you are in your business today?”

Alexandra opened up by sharing that she had absolutely no idea how to be an entrepreneur coming from the banking world. She went from her established job that gave her full financial security to basically nothing.  She surrendered herself to her situation and circumstances. She explained, “there is a gap of faith where the leaning in, surrendering, pushing forward, and continuing through has to take place.”

Sometimes when we are launching our self-made business, we are going to feel that incredible struggle. This is a natural part of entrepreneurship, but being able to say that you pushed through is what encompasses most successful entrepreneurs. There are going to be days when you wake up and doubt your abilities and become insecure. This is a reality you are going to experience, but you will get through, and you will accomplish your mission!

Here is the foundation for turning your mission into an irresistible brand!

  • Having a Strong, Focused Mission -Make sure that it is focused, clear, and consistent. -Charity: Water is a non-profit that provides water for low-income neighborhoods, and around the world. This company is an example of a really strong and clear mission.

  • Clear & Consistent Message -Getting a clear and consistent message out about your mission is what you need to share. Your brand absolutely needs to be aligned with your message. -The Honest Company and Honest Tea are examples of this. Their message is, we will always be honest about the ingredients in our teas. Their brand is consistent with the message they are sharing.

  • Authentically Share Your Unique Story -This is so relevant for “solo-preneurs”! This is absolutely important for individuals, or small businesses because we are our brand! Our story is part of the reason why we are in business. This helps you to connect, in order to align to your ideal clients. -Example – Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. A single mom was completely broke, and her baby needed extensive surgeries in order to survive (Huffington Post article). Her drive developed a multi million-dollar brand of teas. When she traveled to meet her tea suppliers in Southeast Asia, she found out about the women there that were having incredible issue, such as no healthcare, dealing with poverty, and hurting hands. Because of this, she made sure she gave back a large percentage or her profit to those who were making her tea company thrive.

  • Aligning With Your Ideal Clients -People align with your mission! You are your brand. Put it out there. Share your story and message. This makes your company SO attractive! -TOMS has the philosophy of buying a pair of shoes, which equates to giving a pair to those in need. This gives us an example of aligning with brands because of your love of the product and service, but also because of their mission! TOMS has passionate advocates, and they resonate so much with the all-star brand.

  • Sharing Your Message With the Masses -Some companies are focused on helping their clients, so much that they forget to get the word out. Remember, when you start to feel afraid about getting your message out to larger audiences, you have to remember what your mission is! -Once you are in a place where you are getting media and speaking engagements - that is credibility you cannot buy. Remember, like Katie said, V x C = P  (Visibility x Credibility = Profitability)

“Alexandra, share with us some of the programs that you offer to people to create a strong mission brand!”

This busy bee is re-launching and rebranding herself this year (2016)! With that, she has three amazing offers!

  1. For people who want to create a strong mission-based brand, Alexandra is offering a coaching program and ‘Mission Map’ sessions (half and one day sessions) that will help you get aligned to your mission, and tied to a brand!

  2. Her new Mission Mastermind program launched this August of 2016! This helps “mission-preneurs” get their authentic message and voice out to the world! This supports you in your last step of creating content, and helping you speak, write books, make presentations, get out there in the media, and more!

  3. Mission Muse is an offline and online community for “mission-preneurs” who want to have a strong mission and are eager to get their message out there!

“What is one thing you want to make sure our listeners get from your message today?”

Alexandra said it perfectly, ending by saying, “make sure that wherever you are in your business, that you continue to have faith in yourself and your mission and continue through”.

“Find your mission. Live the mission. Be the mission.”  ~ Alexandra Figueredo

Alexandra’s giveaway is a free one-month membership to the Mission Muse’s community. Sign up at!

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