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Brand Yourself, Captivate Your Clients

We were honored to have

on our podcast, Brand Strategist and Creative Director at Purplewing Studio LLC. Her passion is contagious! She stated, “the work radiates from her soul”.

Born and raised in Venezuela, Claudia confidently moved at age sixteen to follow her dreams as a Graphic Designer. After years of dedication, she moved her way up to Zimmerman Advertising, one of the largest firms in all of South Florida. After a life changing divorce, Claudia discovered herself and her purpose. She was led to connect to who she was at the core, which ignited a desire to combine both her passions and talents. Claudia wanted to choose a vehicle where she could help others, while simultaneously fulfilling her purpose: Branding.

The work of personal branding lies in embodying the brand. Claudia’s job is to help you create your brand, while coaching you through the process. She avidly kept connecting us to the concept of living for your brand, being your brand, and self-assuredly sharing your brand. It is scary to put yourself out there and be visible, but once you accept your strengths and weaknesses, you are able to authentically share your experience of life. This will then give others permission to do the same. 

“Go deep into yourself and create from there. Give expression to authentic truth.”

Best advice Claudia received, relating to building a business and becoming an entrepreneur:

  • “Pay attention to your inner narrative. Be aware of conversations that are going on in your head. This is the process of discovery. When you are aware of yourself, you then have the power to change that narrative and create a new story – a Brand Story.”

What is something you had to overcome to be where you are today in Business?

  • Discover your ‘Unique Factor’ rid yourself  of the fear of the perceptions that others can have of you. Be completely aware of your individuality, your angle in branding.

Jumping into Claudia’s Three Step Process of Captivating Your Ideal Clients:

  1. Assess where are you at? Claudia will take a look at your brand ‘touch points’ (where the customer meets your brand). -Who are you being? -How are people seeing you?

Once you know how you are showing up to those around you, then you move on to the Second Step… 1. “Brand starter tool kit”. This combines all the questions needed to build a foundation of your brand. This is where Claudia meets with her clients in order to truly accelerate and start the brand. 2. Put your brand out there. This is where Claudia coaches you to embody your brand and get clear on what your values are. Your presence is the most powerful aspect in this step.

If there is one thing you want our viewers to get from this message, what would that be?

“The being. Take a moment, slow down, and get present. There's nothing more powerful than being with each other. Bring mindfulness into every day and moment.”

Resources / Books:

Claudia left with this beautiful final piece of guidance: Be yourself and love yourself.

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~Dr. Kate, Katie & The Private Practice Startup Team



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