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Enhance Your Private Practice Risk Management Now

We welcome today, an attorney of twenty-nine years who specializes in health care law, medical malpractice defense, health-related contracting, and so much more. He is highly qualified with his experience as a University Adjunct Instructor in multiple areas, an author of many articles published, and a frequent accredited conference lecturer.

Steve was interested in law his whole life, and jumped straight into law school, formally beginning his practice in 1987. A health care law related job with a firm with an orthopedic surgeon fell into his lap when he began searching for a career in Florida, and the rest was history.

In regards to building a business, Steve expressed that the best advice he has received was to, first, keep your overhead low, and especially when you are just getting started. Keep your eye on the prize (and the expense line) and avoid spending a ton of cash on things other than the sole goal of developing a practice. His second piece of advice was to concentrate on building your relationships.

Steve stat