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Episode 233 - Getting Organized in Private Practice

Episode 341 with Andrew Riesen

Dream Private Practice Playbook

Listen now to our latest episode...


startup nation, meet: Danielle Swimm

Danielle Swimm is also known as the entrepreneurial therapist.

She does coaching for ambitious female therapists through her courses, mastermind and podcast.

She's also a group practice owner and mom to a 4 year old daughter. She's passionate about building a business that allows for freedom and flexibility.

show notes

It's essential to keep yourself organized as a business owner. We had a great conversation with Danielle Swimm - fellow practice builder - as she shared valuable tips to keep you organized as you build and grow your practice.

Danielle shared tips such as doing a time audit, looking at your roles, planning and developing your CEO mindset. Listen up and enjoy!

  1. Do a time audit

  2. Discover what roles you play

  3. Planning and time blocking

  4. Develop your CEO mindset

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