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Episode 351 - Beyond Compatibility: Your Enneagram Guide to Thriving Relationships

Episode 341 with Andrew Riesen

Dream Private Practice Playbook

Listen now to our latest episode...


startup nation, meet: Christa Hardin

Christa Hardin, MA is a relationship expert, author, as well as host of the popular Enneagram & Marriage Podcast.

Christa has been working with and researching marriage for two decades, providing hope for couples who are struggling to find their light, love, and mission together in any season of relationship.

Her most recent Amazon best-selling title, "The Enneagram in Marriage: Your Guide to Thriving Together in Your Unique Pairing," is now available wherever you buy books.

show notes

In this episode, we did a deep dive with our guest expert - Christa Harden - into "Beyond Compatibility: Your Enneagram Guide to Thriving Relationships".

Christa has a thriving group practice with a niche in helping couples improve their connection and communication through the Enneagram. She also coaches other therapists in private practice who want to apply the Enneagram in their work.

We talked Enneagram styles, shared stories about common strengths and challenges different types have, and how to get that Enneagram glow! We hope you enjoy the episode!

  1. A quick overview of the 9 types of the Enneagram

  2. The connection between the Enneagram and relationships

  3. How the Enneagram can be used to improve connection and communication

  4. Practical ways to use the Enneagram in marriage

  5. What the Enneagram glow is

  6. How the Enneagram can be used to solve conflicts

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