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Episode 53 - 5 secrets of a badass directory profile in action

Episode 341 with Andrew Riesen

Dream Private Practice Playbook

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startup nation, meet: Laura Long

Laura Long is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from Greenville, South Carolina. She is also the owner and lead badass over at Your Badass Therapy Practice where she helps therapists in private practice organize their business systems, streamline their marketing strategies, and fill their practices with loyal clients who are happy to pay their full fee.

Laura offers free practice-building tools (and hilariously inappropriate emails) through her mailing list. She is best known for her off-the-cuff coaching style that includes colorful language, a sarcastic sense of humor, and an uncanny ability to keep it real. She shows therapists how to grow their practices…without losing their minds. Because building your private practice should be fun!

In this podcast we put Laura’s 5 Step Secret Formula into action with 2 lucky winners who won the opportunity to have their Psychology Today profiles reviewed right here on The Private Practice Startup podcast.

show notes

  1. Have a Professional Picture

  2. Hit Your Clients Pain Points

  3. Paint Their Dream Scenario

  4. Share What Makes You Different

  5. One Strong Call to Action

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