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Market Your Private Practice Like a Boss

We were fortunate enough to have

join us on our podcast to discuss 3 expert tips on how to market your private practice like a boss!

The Founder and CEO of both National Marriage Seminars and Couplestrong, Chris certainly has years of experience under his belt. After originally being in the transportation business, Chris realized that there was more to life than what he was doing. After a hard decision to sell the business and finally relax, he soon felt compelled to give back. He was led to Seminary, starting with a Masters in Christian Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. After continual conversations he had with friends and the support he so naturally offered, he finally realized he was led to go into counseling. He returned for a second Master’s degree, but this time it was for Professional Counseling from Liberty University.

So what is National Marriage Seminars & Couplestrong?

National Marriage Seminars, NMS, is a “boutique-esque” advertising and consulting business. They bring great minds in the field of therapy from around the world, and offer up the best clinical trainings possible. The mission is simply this: to help other therapists be as great as they possibly can be. When therapists can transform the entire family system with great sound therapy, we can change the culture of the generational effect of harmful parenting.

NMS soon created another company focusing on how to help individual practitioners specifically.  Chris and his wife Lori created Couplestrong – a project designed to connect therapists and couples who are looking for services to support their relationship.   The networking from this site is massive and has connected thousands of couples to resources they are looking for.

Chris, what's the best advice you have received relating to building a business, or becoming an entrepreneur in the Private Practice realm?

"Invest in yourself."

Something that Chris had to overcome to be where he is today in Business…

His ability to accept influence. He disclosed that when he was younger, he overlooked a lot of great ideas and advice given. He advised Startup Nation to move beyond the fact that perhaps your ideas are not always the greatest!

Alright, let’s jump into the Three Tips!

#1: Intensives

  • “Marathon Therapy”, a.k.a. a front-end loading of sessions. This is proven to have greater therapeutic outcomes, therefore they are better for the client, but also a great revenue producer for the therapist. Think about this – a couple with two or three intensives each week could result in an income of anywhere between $4,000-$10,000.

  • How to Market Intensives… -We love how Chris put it: “Here are the facts… we are talking about extremely painful things – affairs, addictions, PTSD. One hour, once a week is not enough time for me and you to sit and deal with complex issues. Here’s the reality – front end loading has a better outcome. I tell them, this is how I work, and they say, ‘Okay’.”

#2: Trainings / Workshops / Seminars

  • All of you have something you are really great at in the field… make a workshop about it! With the age that we live in, including video in your marketing is so big! We are in a world of webinars and extended reach via technology. We are now able to stay home but still do what we are passionate about!

  • How to Market Trainings/Workshops/Seminars… -Chris recommends a large database. Everything from emails to social media to mailing flyers towards offices and homes. This can become expensive, so if you are looking at building database and want to build substantially, you are going to have to spend some money. -Outsource a network to help build a straight email database. From there, figure out who your buyers are, what is working, what is not, and tweak. -Chris offered advice on social media as well – if you are trying to find people to look into your trainings, your best bet is Twitter! Facebook is good for marketing to couples and clients, but Twitter reaches more of the clinicians.

#3 Networking

  • The top two components for newworking are: -Reaching out and meeting folks within the profession and in other professions as well.  -Collaboration with other professionals. If you do both, you can expand. If we want to succeed, we do have to collaborate with people.

  • How to Market Networking Opportunities… -Affiliate Marketing Relationships -The way Chris does this, is he markets others events to his database. He sets up a page within his website with your own exclusive URL. Anyone who then registers for one of those events creates profit for the website. Mutual benefit!

One thing that Chris wanted to make sure that listeners got from this message was to allow yourself the opportunity to fulfill the things that you really want to do in your heart rather than letting time pass by. The things in life you want to do, make them happen.

Recommended books from Chris:

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~Dr. Kate, Katie & The Private Practice Startup Team



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