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Professional Image in 5 Tips

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Evans joined us on our podcast to impart some of her professional knowledge of creating a winning professional image.

With her life motto of, “every hallway is a runway”, this fierce businesswoman absolutely loves chai tea lattes, and believes that every birthday should have its own birthday month!

Her company, Sequins to Success, showcases how women can be harnessed to achieve personal and professional goals. Alongside that, she is also the President and CEO of Style Strategist, an image consulting firm that helps individuals communicate and personalize their professional message.

Tonya wholeheartedly believes in this statement: "Do more, strive for more, be more."

Stumbling into the professional image business, it all started when her boss’s luggage got lost. She ran to the nearest Nordstrom’s and became his “personal shopper”. The cashier commented on the extravaganza and mentioned her talent, and stated, “you’d be really good at image consulting!” After years of consistently hearing the same compliment, she finally dove into the industry, and look how far she has come!

We first asked Tanya what's the best advice she has received in building a business or becoming an entrepreneur was, “Interview your client just like they are interviewing you.” She elaborated by stating how the inclination is to take any client under the sun, BUT it is imperative that you create your own ideal client! She advised to make sure you BOTH exhibit integrity, you work the same way, and you respect each other’s time. When you create your ideal client, that is how you pave the way for your dream client. When you work with the clients you love, you will want to do more and more of the thing that YOU truly love.

“How do your services differ from personal shoppers, and why is it important to dress with purpose and develop your style?”

Tonya believes the main difference between what she does and a personal shopper is that the personal shopper helps you look good for a single event or occasion. Tanya’s job is to get to know her client’s lifestyle, what their aspirations are, and how they want to look and feel out in the world. Her goal is to make them feel comfortable and confident, by making an image that is authentically beautiful for them. People are coming to you because you are the expert at what you do, therefore you need to look that part.

“So, what is a style strategist and how can men and women benefit from working with a professional?”

The job is to make them look more like their professional selves. It is not about being trendy, but making sure your look is current. By working with a professional you can establish what your goals are. For instance, if you are moving up to an executive role you may want to portray more executive experience, or maybe just a much needed reorganization of your closet!

Tanya’s 5 Tips

Tip #1: Look at your overall lifestyle, personal and professional goals and how it connects to your brand.

Think about where you are spending most of your time, and if you have clothes that match up to that!When you want to define your personal brand, make sure that you are always looking your very best. Consistency should be a part of your brand! The first thing people see is YOU, not your accolades.

Tip #2: Personal brand audit, ask three people.

  • Think of three people – could be your mentor, your colleague, your manager…

  • Next, ask them: “I’m looking to upgrade my image a bit, what do you think about my overall professional dress?” -This sounds scary, but this is how we find honesty, and a means of knowing how to move forward!

*Startup Nation! Just for fun we would love to know 3 words that you think describe Kate & Katie’s style?? We invite you to post your thoughts on any of our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter) with #K2StyleFeedback

Tip #3: Think about your audience.

  • Whether you are a consultant, or an entrepreneur, think about the audience you are working with and what they are expecting. Are you working with kids or at an office?

  • For example – if you are working with moms, you will probably want to wear some nice slacks and casual shoes, or perhaps a simple wrap dress! Think, “what will resonate with them and better connect with them?”

Tip #4: Do your own closet audit.

  • Okay, get three clothing baskets! You heard me! -Basket one: Things I absolutely love. -Basket two: Things that need to be fixed or hemmed. -Basket three: Things to donate. Develop a closet where you love every single thing and it makes you look, and feel, amazing! Create less clutter and more function.

Tip #5: Pay a great deal of attention to your undergarments.

  • This may seem silly, but ladies make sure your bra size is checked at least once every two years! Your undergarments should help your clothes slim and skim your body in the way they are supposed to. This can change so many of the outfits that you think don’t actually fit.

Tanya wanted us to make sure that we understood, we must make sure that our image is consistent with our brand. Whether you own it or not, you are communicating your work style, your goals, your socioeconomic status, and so much more…

Books / Resources Tonya loves!

For Tanya’s generous giveaway listen to our podcast, so you can update your professional style! This could be a simple closet audit, a personal shopping experience, or an in depth consult. This is a fantastic deal!

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~Dr. Kate, Katie & The Private Practice Startup Team



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