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Time Mastery Tips for Private Practice

Do you feel like there just isn’t ever enough time in the day? We welcomed Michael Dill today, an Action Coach Business Coach, who is the “master at time mastery”. This scuba diver, shark swimmer, and hot coal walker ambitiously left the financial advising field, after eighteen years of service, to serve a population that he continuously saw needed help. Through working in the business field, Michael found that owners were letting everything outside their scope of their actual business upset their attitude. He took everything he had learned over the years, and had mastered, and pursued the dream of helping this network of people.

Action Coach was founded by an ex-accountant named Brad Sugars. This dream came out of the idea that Brad could not fix the world of business by himself, therefore Action Coach was born. This company took off, employing business owners to gout and help other business owners fulfill their dreams and systemize their business, in order to, in the words of Michael, “make a lot of money!”. After twenty-one years of hard work, there are 1,000 coaches worldwide, it has reached fifty-six countries, and it is ranked the #1 biggest and most successful coaching firm in the world.

We started off by asking the question, “What was the best advice you ever received relating to building a business and becoming an entrepreneur?” He stated, “The only activity you can become great at is having authentic conversations with business owners.”

The biggest challenges business owners consistently struggle with are the team, the time, and the money. Michael went on to poetically state the fact that time is an emotion. If you are able to control the ups and downs of your emotions, then you are able to control your time. You must reach the place of running time, instead of letting time run you.

Time Mastery Solutions for Struggling Business Owners:

  1. Be conscious of what you’re doing.This was a big key point in this podcast – it’s imperative that you realize how valuable your time is truly worth. Instead of driving thirty minutes to and from an appointment where you will chat endlessly for an hour, perhaps make a fifteen-minute phone call.

  2. Technology has actually hurt us. -When the phone rings, email pops up, text shows, people react. The average entrepreneur is interrupted every eleven minutes, and takes a total of twenty-five minutes to get back into the zone. If you are ‘reacting’ every time, you are constantly in the zone of distraction.

  3. Focus on one task at a time. -When you are constantly switching your brain from one place to the other through multi-tasking, it’s incredibly difficult to get back to what you were doing in the first place.

  4. Script your week’s out. -Create a color coded, time slotted, time blocked calendar that can sit right in front of your face.

  5. Set boundaries. -Train your clients for when you will respond back to them. If we are reacting immediately, we’re training them that they can contact us anytime they want. As clinicians, we want to give our best to our clients, but there has to be ground rules.

  6. Slowdown in order to speed up. -The secret to life is being present in the moment. Don’t miss what’s going on around you.

  7. Utilize the WIN formula! -What’s Important Now?

Some of us are reserved, outgoing, detail oriented, anti-detail (Check out your DISC Profile online!). If you get into your work week running without proper planning, there could be things that slip through the cracks. Make sure your weeks are structured before you start. Don’t come into work until your day has been planned the night before. And don’t forget to respect your time off! If you are not 100% recharging, then you cannot truly be all there Monday through Friday.

We asked Michael to share something he had to overcome to be where he is today in business. After suffering through a tragic loss, he had to re-center himself on what he wanted to create. His #1 tip? Make a commitment to serve others. Get them what they want and help them get their breakthroughs. When the focus isn’t on you, it becomes fun. Get what you want in life by getting it for everyone else.

Michael’s Main Points:

  • Be conscious of your time.

  • Get outside of your box and see the new possibilities. Look at the way things can be, instead of the way things are.

  • Be authentic. People buy who you are, not necessarily what you do.


  • 4-Hour Workweek -Outsourcing gives you opportunity to efficiently use your time elsewhere. -‘Time batch’ your time by plotting out exactly what you will do in a time frame.

  • E-Myth Revisited (by Michael Gerber) -To be more effective in time mastery, be clear in where you are and what you want to do.

  • Michael’s four-page time mastery reading -Ten minute read, and a great value that will get you clear on time mastery and what time is truly worth.

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