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Top 7 Podcasts You MUST Listen To!

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Hey, Startup Nation!

You know we're super passionate about helping clinicians, whether recent graduates or seasoned veterans, on their private practice journey from startup to mastery.

We offer weekly podcasts from experts in the field of mental health, business, marketing, and legal issues to ensure you get the very best information you need for your private practice.

Not sure where to start? These are our top 7 podcasts you absolutely MUST listen to (well, according to us anyway, lol)!

Podcast #1:

Episode #28 Joe - 3 Tips to Create a Lifestyle Business and Make $200,000 + a Year, Joe Sanok, MA

In Episode 28, we got the chance to sit down with Joe Sanok of Practice of the Practice. Joe let us in on his tips to creating a lifestyle business that’s profitable and gives back to the community. How awesome is that!?

Joe talks about his own journey of making the transition from working full-time for other agencies to his full-time private practice, and as you listen, you’ll hear him talk about asking yourself questions to get you moving forward in the direction you want to go. When you know what you want out of your business, whether it’s more time with family, or the ability to make your own schedule, or to travel more frequently, it provides clarity of what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s the 20% that’s given you 80% (more on that in the podcast).

Joe’s 3 Tips to Create a Lifestyle Business and Make $200,000 a Year are:

  1. Blocking Out Your Calendar

  2. Leveling Up

  3. Automation and Outsourcing

Listen to Joe’s entire podcast here!

Podcast #2:

Episode #15 Jeff Gunther - 5 Things to Improve SEO Now and Attract More Clients

If you’re wondering what SEO means (Search Engine Optimization) for your business and how to use it to your advantage, Jeff Guenther has the answers! Jeff is the founder of The Practice Academy and in his podcast5 Things to Improve SEO Now and Attract More Clients

Jeff gave us some really great insight and background, on how Google and its “spiders” search the Internet and bring back information from different websites, including your private therapy practice website! He described the importance of using keywords on individual pages, in page titles, and in the content of the webpage, so that the spiders can easily find information and translate the information into Google search results.

  1. 3-6 Keywords for Each Individual Page

  2. Create Page Titles for Each Page and Keywords

  3. Put Keywords in Content of Web Page

  4. Specialty Page – Longtail Keywords

  5. Get as Many Links as Possible

Listen here!

Podcast #3:

Episode #29 Ernesto Segismundo - 10 Ways Video Enhances Your Practice

Ernesto Segismundo has been using video in his Private Practice to not only grow his clientele base but enhance his services to his clientele. Ernesto speaks to the ability of prospective clients to quickly connect with you as a therapist when they’ve gotten to know you a little bit through the use of your video.

Our time with Ernesto was so educational, learning how to take your very own cell phone (Yup! No fancy video equipment needed) to get started. Of course, sound and visuals are important (Ernesto points out that if the sound quality is bad, you’ll lose viewers within a matter of seconds), but so is being authentic, which as a therapist we ware taught so much about boundaries, so that can take some getting used to!

If you want to take your private practice to the next level, increase your clientele, and provide quality services, check out Ernesto’s 10 Ways Video Enhances Your Practice!

  1. Use your Cell Phone

  2. Show your Authentic Self

  3. Repetition

  4. Sound & Visual is Important, Audio is Really Important

  5. Steady Camera, Hold it Landscape

  6. Listen to Clients in Session – Allow Clients to Be our Teachers

  7. Inspiration Comes from Everywhere

  8. The Shorter the Better

  9. Have a Trusted Friend View the Video

  10. Be Yourself

Podcast #4:

Episode #18a Clay Cockrell - Online Counseling Taking Your Practice to a Global Audience

Once you’ve listened to Ernesto give you all the tips you need on how to incorporate video into your private practice, you’ll be ready for Clay Cockrell’s Online Counseling Taking Your Practice to a Global Audience. Before you begin stretching your wings and add online counseling to your list of services, it’s important to check your counseling association’s ethics as well as state laws.

Clay discusses a big misunderstanding about where “therapy happens”; it’s not in your state where you are licensed, it’s in the state where the client resides. Don’t let that deter you though! We’re based in sunny South Florida and there’s a big stretch of state (almost 13 hours from Key West to Pensacola). Clay talks about how your speciality may be exactly what someone is looking for another part of the state, especially in larger, less populous states like North and South Dakota.

Additionally, individuals who leave the United States and move to a foreign country might require a little extra support after the move. And that’s where Clay encourages you to take your practice to a global audience. Listen here for more great advice from Clay!

Podcast #5:

Episode #21 Dave Ake - 5 Ways to Emotionally Connect with Your Clients

Dave Ake is the director of, an online directory for therapists, and he’s got some great advice for your current directory listing. In this podcast, Dave talks about the 5 Ways to Emotionally Connect with Your Clients. Dave’s insight into what makes a stand out therapy directory listing is invaluable to those clinicians starting out and garnering a large majority of clients from online listings.

The therapeutic alliance is one of the most important factors in therapy and creating that connection early in the therapy process is critical. Katie Lemieux even has a whole Video blog dedicated to how couples can choose the right therapist for their needs! Think of your profile listing as your first impression with potential clients and how you want them to feel when they interact with you.

Dave’s suggestions take your profile one step further and small additions translate to big results, like having five photos instead of one, the type of language used in your profile, and your narrative of services you provide. Check out Dave’s 5 Ways below and listen here to get more!

  1. Photos

  2. Language

  3. De-emphasize the Business Relationship

  4. Answer Optional Questions – Practice Narratives

  5. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Podcast #6

Kat Love was a blast to have on The Private Practice Startup Podcast! Their practical and realistic advice will allow you to turn your visitors into clients in no time. Kat provides a unique perspective, not only with their background in web design but also from the viewpoint of a client themselves.

We’ve collaborated with Kat for The Private Practice Startup and they’re always a pleasure to work with on projects. Kat highlights the importance of having a niche to attract your ideal client, despite the fear many clinicians have of setting a niche, fearing that they’ll turn away potential clients the opposite is true. Check out Kat’s 5 tips for turning website visitors into clients and listen to the full podcast here!

  1. Credibility

  2. Clear Website Strategy

  3. Video

  4. Content Marketing

  5. Focus

Podcast #7:

Episode #7 Jessica Jefferson - How to Avoid the 5 Mistakes Private Practitioners Make In Social Media

Our final podcast which you absolutely must listen to is one from our beloved Marketing Extraordinaire, Jessica Jefferson. Jessica’s knowledge and passion for marketing make her a vital asset to us at The Private Practice Startup and to you Startup Nation!

Jessica’s passionate about working with military families and assisting the family in all areas, from pre-deployment, during deployment, homecoming, station changes, and additions to the family. Whew! Startup Nation, if you’re struggling with enhancing your private practice social media presence, listen now to Jessica’s podcast to reach the audience you want, how you want, and get your ideal clients!

  1. Making a profile instead of a page

  2. Not creating original content

  3. Not updating your website

  4. Post infrequently

  5. Not researching your social media platform

Jessica also offers Social Media Consulting to therapists who want to strategize their social media to better reach their ideal clients.



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