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What Hurricane Matthew Taught Me

I wanted to share with you 3 things I've learned from Hurricane Matthew and how they relate to business, being an entrepreneur and business owner.

Living in South Florida we prepared for the arrival of what was to be Category 4 - Hurricane Matthew.  I am not sure if you ever prepared for a hurricane but it is like preparing for Thanksgiving dinner and moving all at the same time while anticipating that you will be without power for days to weeks.  Not much fun, but when I think about living in Tornado Alley I will take a hurricane any day instead. We cooked any meat or foods that might spoil if the power went out (my first hurricane I downed a quart of ice cream to avoid it from melting after the power went out), waited in gas lines to assure we had fuel, bought ice to keep food cold, cleaned the house, did the laundry, bought dog food and of course tidied up the yard assuring we eliminated anything from becoming a projectile missile from the harsh winds.  Let’s not forget putting up the hurricane shutters, who needs crossfit after that!   What you really need is a pain reliever and heating pad!

So for those of us living in South Florida the hurricane took a turn and completely missed us.  It was not so kind to other areas.  After the fact, I heard quite a few people in South Florida complaining.  They said things like, “well, that was all for nothing.  That was a waste of time.” I heard expressions of frustration, exasperation, and annoyance  I get it, it took a lot of time and a little elbow grease to get things done but for me I felt strong sense of gratitude for many things.

Because of Hurricane Matthew: