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Grab Your FREE Attorney Approved Good Faith Estimate Form.

Save time and avoid potential legal issues with our "Good Faith Estimate" that meets the legal requirements of the "No Surprises Act" for Mental Health Professionals. 
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Surprise! The No Surprises Act Now Requires Therapists to Provide a Good Faith Estimate, But Don't Stress... We've Got You Covered! 

A woman smiles as she types on her laptop at the kitchen table. This could represent a private practice owner happy after finding a HIPAA form for her private practice paperwork. Contact us for free HIPAA compliance forms, private practice paperwork, and other services!
Let’s face it, whenever the federal government institutes new policies, it can be very frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming for therapists in private practice to know what to do.
We understand why medical professionals and emergency type procedures are required to provide a Good Faith Estimate under the "No Surprises Act". 
You or someone you know may have experienced a medical emergency that required hospitalization or expensive procedures that you thought were covered but turned out not to be.  Then months later you start to avoid picking up your mail because you find that you were mislead and the medical bills keep piling up!
However, when it comes to mental health professionals in private practice, it is hard to wrap our head around the necessity and feasibility of this policy.  It is almost impossible to accurately estimate exactly how many sessions a client will need during the course of treatment at the initial intake call or first time meeting with a prospective client. 
As therapists in private practice, we have always been ethically required to be transparent regarding fees.  Clients are aware of our rates at the time they consent for services. 
For those of you who have purchased our Attorney Approved Paperwork you know that we have clauses in our Consent, Policies & Agreement specifically focused on fees, cancellation policy, etc. 
As of January 1, 2022 all medical professional and healthcare professionals are required to provide a Good Faith Estimate for all current and new clients that outlines the expected cost of treatment.  
This is required for mental health professionals who provide services to people that are uninsured or people who are insured but chose not to use their insurance benefits to pay for healthcare services (private pay clients).  
We know this is a lot to digest and many of you don't know what is required, where to start and how to discuss these policies with your clients out of fear that they will be shocked by total estimate of services.
No worries, we got your back when it comes to all your paperwork needs!
For the past decade we have become known as the go to paperwork experts when it comes to therapists in private practice. 
We've spent a ton of time, money and worked with numerous attorneys bringing our paperwork up to the legal and ethical standards of our profession and with this NEW legislation requirement, it is no different.
Take advantage of this FREE Attorney Approved
Good Faith Estimate & Resources (Total Value $249)!
Here is what is included when you grab the bundle for FREE:
  • PODCAST talking about “No Surprises Act” and the GFE with Healthcare Law Attorney - Steven Ballinger

  • GFE Evaluation, Intake & Treatment Template

  • GFE Template

  • GFE Website & Office Statement

  • GFE Client Notification Template  

  • VIDEO explaining how to complete the GFE process and requirements that is more therapist friendly

Get Your Good Faith Estimate Now For FREE!(Total Value $249)

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Rave Reviews

Lisa Blalock

Kate and Katie continue to show up in huge ways for so many of us clinicians. Most recently with the Good Faith Estimate rule that went into effect, many of us were left scrambling looking for what was needed, necessary and not take us weeks to put together. Now they have provided us with attorney approved paperwork, website recommendations and tutorials explaining it all. ALL FOR FREE!!!



Kate and Katie are PHENOMENAL! Navigating new legislation and regulations with their attorney approved documents is so incredibly helpful and seamless!! If you haven’t already, please check out their additional offerings because they have helped me immensely over the years! I am beyond grateful for their continued support and guidance as a private practice clinician!

The therapist Melanie Taylor smiles thanks to the private practice paperwork she received from Private Practice Startup. We have free HIPPA forms to support your private practice. Learn about our HIPAA compliance forms today!

Melanie Taylor, LPC of Healing Tree Therapy

I’m LOVING the paperwork I purchased!! I cannot believe all the forms that were there and how in depth they were!! I’ll be shouting from the rooftops, because EVERY clinician needs to have these in their private practice. Love you guys️️️!

rosa lee.png
We're Kate & Katie...
2 Therapists with Entrepreneurial Spirits

We are two South Florida therapists who had a desire to build our dream practices and live our dream lives (just like you). 


We wanted to live life on our terms. We would become our own boss, create our own schedules, and work with the clients we are most called to serve. All while being paid well for the work we do.  

We both built our individual private practices from the ground up. In short, we did all the wrong things. Through these growing pains, we learned how to build, market, and grow successful private practices. 


Once we learned how to do this, we created sustainable and thriving 6-figure, full-fee private practices. The best part, we’ve helped so many therapists (just like you) do the same! 

Kate and Katie stand against an illistrated wall. Their Private Practice Startup offers a free HIPAA form to support your private practice. Learn more today for private practice paperwork today.

Get Your Good Faith Estimate Now For FREE!(Total Value $249)

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