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Episode 124 From Therapist to Consultant and Coach 7 Principles for Effective Change

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Startup Nation, Meet:
Michael Diettrich-Chastain, LPC

Michael Diettrich-Chastain is founder and principal of Arc Integrated, a consulting and coaching firm in Asheville, NC. Arc Integrated specializes in assessment, training and coaching for teams and leaders who want to improve emotional intelligence, leadership and communication. 

Michael's professional background includes corporate training, executive coaching, psychotherapy, leadership development, sales and account management. Michael still holds a license in NC as a Licensed Professional Counselor but now focuses exclusively on his coaching and consulting practice.

Michael is certified in multiple assessment tools including the Advanced Insights Profile, The Actualized Leadership Profile, The Group Culture Profile and The Actualized Leadership Profile 360. These tools are used for development of teams and leaders within the context of professional coaching and organizational consulting. 

As a recipient of the Group Study Exchange scholarship through Rotary International, Michael has presented to various groups in South America on how the fields of training, mental health and coaching exist in the USA. In addition, Michael has published works in various media outlets including Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, Money and Time magazine. His first book will be released in March of 2019.

Michael enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, listening to podcasts and has been studying and teaching at a martial arts school for more than 10 years. Michael often incorporates philosophies from martial arts study into his work with individuals and organizations.

For more information, find Michael and his team at 

Show Notes:
  1. Commonalities & differences between coaching and therapy

  2. What is consulting exactly

  3. What skills as a therapist apply to the consulting world

  4. Ways therapists can create additional opportunities for themselves ie; "the curse of knowledge" 

  5. How to navigate a change process effectively - 7 principles for reduced stress and creating positive change/achieving goals

Resources & Giveaways
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