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Episode 22-3 Legal Tips for Therapists in Private Practice

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Startup Nation, Meet:
Leisa Wintz
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Leisa Wintz is a Family Law Attorney and Mediator in South Florida. She practices exclusively in the areas of dependency and family law. Having previously worked in private practice as a therapist and owning her own law firm, she also assists therapists in navigating their practices. While Leisa does litigate when necessary, her real love and passion is in assisting families through difficult times without the necessity of litigating.

Startup Nation, Leisa was a blast to have on our podcast and totally rocked the mic while discussing a topic she is most passionate about: Legal Tips for Therapists in Private Practice. For more information about our podcasts, webinars, and online courses, visit our website

Startup Nation, Leisa Wintz was a blast to have on our podcast and totally rocked the mic while discussing a topic she is most passionate about: Legal Tips for Therapists.

Show Notes:
  1. Professional Will

  2. Minor Consent

  3. No Contact Order vs. Restraining Order

Resources & Giveaways
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PPS Paperwork – Knowing you need legal, ethical, and competent paperwork is overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive! We’re clinicians, not lawyers.

We put in 100+ hours of work, combed through the laws and ethics, and paid thousands of dollars in expensive attorney fees so you don’t have to.

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What’s up #StartupNation!?! We’re so excited you’re here. In case you’re new to our community, I’m Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT (on the right) and my business partner aka “BP” Katie Lemieux, LMFT is on the left.


We both built our thriving, 6-figure full-fee private practices from the ground up and love inspiring ambitious mental health professionals across the globe to brand themselves and grow their dream private practice!

We have a blast co-hosting the podcast! We look forward to inspiring you from startup to mastery!

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