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Episode 80-Let It Go & Feel Less Overwhelmed in Private Practice

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Startup Nation, Meet:
Sarah Leitschuh, MA, LMFT
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Sarah Leitschuh is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Eagan, Minnesota. In addition to seeing therapy clients, Sarah also provides clinical supervision and coaching for other therapists.


Sarah is passionate about working with parents, caregivers and helping professionals who are attempting to figure out the best way to attend to their own needs while caring for others. She works with therapists who find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed trying to balance their therapy practice with the obligations of having a family. Sarah is a wife and mother of two young children.


She enjoys spending time outdoors and reading. Sarah’s goal for 2018 is to make more time for her love of reading; and get through her huge stack of partially read “fun” and professional books.

Show Notes:

Let it go & Feel Less Overwhelmed in Private Practice
3 key things therapists need to stop doing in order to feel less overwhelmed in private practice

1. Saying “Yes” to things that are not in alignment with our goals, vision or values
• Taking action based on comparison to others
2. Trying to focus on too many things at once (a lack of focus)
• Overcommitting
3. Failing to Ask for Help-Trying to do it all on our own

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Meet Your Co-Hosts:

What’s up #StartupNation!?! We’re so excited you’re here. In case you’re new to our community, I’m Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT (on the right) and my business partner aka “BP” Katie Lemieux, LMFT is on the left.


We both built our thriving, 6-figure full-fee private practices from the ground up and love inspiring ambitious mental health professionals across the globe to brand themselves and grow their dream private practice!

We have a blast co-hosting the podcast! We look forward to inspiring you from startup to mastery!

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