Episode 135 - The Agency Breakup - I Wish I Would Have Left You Sooner

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startup nation, meet:Melanie Taylor

I am the proud owner of my very own PP where I get to wear crazy T-shirts, even crazier socks, and Converse (or Ugg Boots) every day! I've built a private practice in less than a year with all the information available on FB and google.

My greatest accomplishment with my business was niching down even though friends & family told me I was crazy to only see a specific clientele. I also have a kick ass office (with soft Kleenex's instead of agency sand paper) that I decorated with furniture NOT from an agency storeroom..LOL

show notes

  1. Everything you need to build a Private Practice is on FB...seriously, there are so many groups dedicated to what we do that the information is endless.

  2. Do it scared anyway & don't let an emotion keep you from an action step

  3. Hire a coach

  4. Your agency work is hindering your marketing abilities

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