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Episode 161 - The Referral Network Hiding in Plain Sight

Listen now to our latest episode...


startup nation, meet: Michelle Hardman

Michelle Hardman is somewhat of a "unicorn" as an LPC with an MBA focused on strategic management.

She is a certified facilitator for The Daring Way and Rising Strong curricula, based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.

Michelle is the creator of the recently published "The Primed Planner" - a planner specifically designed for clinicians!

Fun fact:Tambourine aficionado!

show notes

  1. Mining awesome connections, info and contacts within your intake forms - hiding in plain sight!

  2. Tracking and how to use the "who referred you" field on forms and websites.

  3. Local community networking events - participation is key.

  4. Why it's worth it to you and your practice.

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