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Episode 171 - Transitioning from Working IN your Business to Working ON your Business

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startup nation, meet:

Damien Adler

Damien Adler is a Psychologist and Co-Founder of Power Diary. He and his wife built a large and successful psychology clinic, but along the way, they realized they needed the right systems and processes to really run their practice well. That’s when Damien and his brother, Paul Adler joined forces and began working on Power Diary - a practice management system built by practitioners, for practitioners.

Damien is also known publicly through his 10+ years of regular guest segments on radio, as a public speaker and corporate trainer, and as a contributor for various TV, radio and print outlets.

Damien enjoys mountain biking, traveling, pretending to be a handyman, and exploring near and far with his wife and daughter.

Show notes

  1. How your success traps you

  2. Breaking the cycle

  3. Identifying where you are now and where you want to be

  4. The power of systems: Eliminate, Automate, Delegate

  5. Growing your freedom, mindfully

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