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Episode 184 - A New Perspective - Pivoting During Times of Crisis

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startup nation, meet:

Keri Nola

Among friends and clients you might hear Keri referred to as The Queen of Getting Sh*t Done or the Shadow Mama (She's been known to help people out of the dark a time or two).

Her favorite super power is merging the soulful with the strategic and she loves meditating just as much she adores checking inspired actions off of her to-do list.

After over a decade of building an abundant practice as a Licensed Psychotherapist, Keri retired and expanded her work into the realms of Best Selling Author, Podcaster, and Founder of the Sacred Soul Circle for Healing Entrepreneurs. Today she has a global practice mentoring healers as they transmute the energies of scarcity, fear and doubt into confidence, clarity and skills to build abundant practices.

Show notes

  1. Squeezing the orange - scarcity, panic & the stuff that is already there

  2. Having a consistent practice is key

  3. Blessings & gratitude = clarity & grounding

  4. Creating the reality you desire

  5. Surrender & trust the process

  6. Ego action vs. inspired action

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