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Episode 191 - Up Close and Personal with Kasey Compton

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startup nation, meet:

Kasey Compton

Kasey is a spirited entrepreneur who has embraced many challenges and now finds satisfaction in designing new businesses. She’s always had an entrepreneurial mind and knew that becoming a business owner was always in the cards.

Kasey turned her mental health private practice into a thriving group practice, going from 1-12 clinicians in year one, and continued to multiply from there. Her and her team took this business from zero to three million in less than four years. Today, Mindsight Behavioral Group employs over 80 professionals and is on track to have over 100 employees and five million in revenue by 2022.

Kasey’s super power is helping others develop the strategic systems needed to scale and stabilize their practice. She now works as a Small Business Consultant , kc consulting, where she helps people do just that!

Additionally she runs an Expert-Led Membership Community, Mindsight Partners, for practice owners to get the comprehensive support they need.

She’s an advocate of Profit First and recommends it to everyone she knows. She lights up talking about and analyzing numbers, creating formulas and metrics to determine the direction a business should go. She’s skilled at helping others look at their financials and create growth plans from a financially-informed perspective, making sure not to lose sight of purpose.

Show notes

  1. How she chose her kids' names.

  2. Why she doesn't hug.

  3. Her most embarrassing moment.

  4. Her business superpower.

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