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Episode 195 - Up Close and Personal with Jo Muirhead

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startup nation, meet:

Jo Muirhead, BhlSc

Jo is all about connecting people to purpose through inspiration and innovation. Author of The Entrepreneurial Clinician and creator of The Book Of Evidence she is also the Founder and CEO of PurpleCo - a team of specialist allied health consultants dedicated to helping people who experience injury illness and trauma reclaim their lives through work.

Jo graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Health Science, Rehabilitation Counselling in 1994.

Jo is passionate about the health benefits of work and truly believes that everyone has the right to meaningful and rewarding employment.

Purple Co grew out of this belief as a truncated form of PURpose for peoPLE.

Show notes

  1. Why she packs "Matilda" in her suitcase when she travels especially to the USA.

  2. Her upbringing and what she was like.

  3. Talking about her grandmother's "tea cups".

  4. Shared her commitment and mission with the work she does.

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