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Episode 204 - The Impact of Racial Discrimination on Mental Health

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startup nation, meet: Kimberly Bonds-Grocher

Kimberly Grocher is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Executive Coach, and Yoga Teacher in private practice in New York City and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

She's an adjunct professor at the Columbia University School of Social Work where she teaches Social Work Foundations: Power, Race, Oppression, & Privilege.

Kimberly enjoys working with professional women, entrepreneurs and couples, helping them design lives that allow them to thrive professionally while being emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy.

Fun Fact: Kim is a travel addict and can't wait to travel again!

show notes

  1. Racial discrimination impacts mental and physical health.

  2. Therapists must be aware of the impact that social issues as well as cultural issues may have on their clients.

  3. Most clients want to know that their therapists can tolerate discussing these issues.

  4. Therapists can consider ways to be inclusive in their marketing messages and address that they understand the stigma around therapy in Black and other marginalized communities.

  5. Therapists can also look at their practices, organizations, and associations to see if they're inclusive and representative of the people you're trying to serve.

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