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Episode 229 - Managing progress notes effectively (and not getting too far behind!)

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startup nation, meet: Elizabeth Irias

Beth is the President and Founder of Clearly Clinical, an affordable national podcast-based Continuing Ed company that highlights women and minority clinicians.

Called the 'Utilization Review Guru', Beth trains clinical teams across the country about Clinical Documentation, Utilization Review, and Law & Ethics... she's one of few people who believes documentation trainings can be fun!

She also operates a private practice north of Los Angeles where she works with young adults and members of the LGBTQIA population.

show notes

5 Tricks for Managing Progress Notes Effectively (& Not Getting Too Far Behind!):

  1. Summary, not a play-by-play

  2. Case Conference logic

  3. Dictation and concurrent documentation

  4. Self-motivate and self-reward

  5. No note? No money!

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