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Episode 249 - From Tribulations to Thriving: Luna Medina Wolf's Story

Updated: May 20, 2021

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Luna Medina Wolf

Luna Medina Wolf has a Group Practice for the past five years. She is a qualified supervisor and offer an internship location for mental health graduate students.

Through her work volunteering with Professionals United for Parkland, she received two professional awards in 2018. Trauma work is her passion and life calling.

She is currently pursuing her path as a volunteer with EMDR Humanitarian assistance program to become an EMDR facilitator.

Fun fact: Luna loves dancing and if you drive next to her you might catch her jamming in her car singing out loud.

Show notes

  1. Abuse, Emancipation, and Foster Care

  2. Flying to The U.S to Pursue My Dream

  3. Party, Drugs and International Student Journey

  4. Me and My Husband Making Change

  5. Substance Use Industry, Solo Practice, Dream Group Practice

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