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Episode 253 - From Tribulations to Thriving: Monica Pitek-Fugedi's Story

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startup nation, meet:

Monica Pitek-Fugedi

Monica once jumped out of an airplane to impress a guy. It didn't end well.

Her first book "Shade of Pink" is in the process of being published and should be out in the summer 2021.

She loves public speaking and did a TEDx(ish) presentation that can be found on her YouTube channel about her experience with breast cancer.

Her friends keep a running list of all of her pet peeves. She might be up to around 30.

Show notes

  1. Motherhood(ish): Life on hold

  2. Saying "f-it" and going to grad school.

  3. Loss of identity...and hair

  4. The year of discovery, toxic cocktails, and leaning in.

  5. Living my values in private practice.

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