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Episode 259 - How to Balance Being a Father, Therapist and Entrepreneur

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Show notes

This is a special Father's Day episode for all dads and dads-to-be of Startup Nation.

We asked Startup Nation dads to share their experience of what works while striving for balance at home and at work.

Here are the dads that we featured in this episode:

  1. Edvardo Archer of AP Family Counseling

  2. Joe Sanok of Practice of the Practice

  3. John Souza of Elemental Guidance, LLC

  4. Josh Kellar of Josh Kellar Counseling, PLLC

  5. Justin Garber of Restorative Psychological Services

  6. Len Shelby of The Oak Inside

  7. Matt Barnes of Southwest Counselling Services

  8. Matthew Braman of Verve Psychotherapy

  9. Matthew Morgan of Covenant Family Wellness

  10. Melvin Varghese of Selling the Couch

  11. Michael berger of My Therapy My Truth

  12. Pablo Gonzalez of Ease Your Mind Counseling, PLLC

  13. Shane Birkel of ‎The Couples Therapist Couch

  14. Thad Frye of Thad Frye Counseling

  15. Tyson Durbin of Pinnacle Counseling and Consulting

  16. Uriah Guilford of Guildford Family Counseling

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