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Episode 274 - Debunking 5 Networking Myths Even as an Introvert

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startup nation, meet:

Susannah Horwitz

Susannah Horwitz is a trauma-informed, nature based expressive arts therapist and licensed professional counselor, with dual licensure in Massachusetts and Colorado.

She loves to bring therapy clients "off the couch" and into the outdoors to help them connect with the multifaceted powers of imagination, sense of humor, playfulness, and creativity to heal trauma and thrive.

She created private practices in two different states--without investing time or money into a website or social media presence--by simply focusing on building and nurturing authentic connections with others in and outside of the counseling field.

As an introverted therapist, she has spent many years debunking the myths that we are told about how difficult networking is for introverted therapists. It has become her mission to share what she has learned so that other therapists can also find more ease and enjoyment in building a strong referral base for their ideal private practices.

Show notes

  1. You have to be an extrovert to be great at networking

  2. Networking is too exhausting

  3. You have to be "ready" to present yourself

  4. Other successful therapists won't want to refer good clients

  5. The sole purpose of networking is to get ideal client referrals

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