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Episode 278 - When You & Your Client's Values Clash

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

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startup nation, meet:

Lambers Fisher

Lambers Fisher is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who has counseled individuals, couples and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds in various setting for over 19 years.

Lambers' Diversity Made Simple trainings have equipped over 10,000 helping professionals around the country.

Lambers specializes in providing practical and shame-free multicultural awareness and diversity training that helps professionals feel encouraged and equipped to meet a greater variety of needs -- and avoid common cultural fears and pitfalls.

Show notes

  1. Is it necessary for therapists to agree with or share all of their client's values in order to be able to genuinely help them?

  2. What should helping professionals do when they feel that differences between them and their clients are hindering their ability to support that client?

  3. What are some ways professionals can respond when clients express concern that differences between them and their client make the client wonder if the professional can genuinely help them?

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