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Episode 335 - Amanda's Success Story: Where Are They Now

Updated: Jan 8

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startup nation, meet: Amanda Gurgel

For the past four years, Amanda Gurgel a LMCH and the owner of the community group practice named Beyond-Counseling, has dedicated herself to improving mental health in the community through a supportive counseling environment.

Originally from Brazil, she is a kid at heart that’s passionate about traveling, scuba diving, and changing lives. By traveling many different countries, it has given her the experience of diverse ways of living, thinking, and expanding her intuition.

Her biggest accomplishment is one of building an empire that not only aids in community healing but also offers growth and opportunity for mental health interns and providers.

show notes

How I learned to thrive:

  1. I had to be honest that I was just surviving life as a therapist, and admitted that something had to change.

  2. I committed to changing how I thought about therapy as a business.

  3. I spent time finding therapists and business owners who were successful and connected with them.

  4. I stopped trying to recreate the wheel.

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