Episode 54 - 5 benefits of using cloud based emr software for private practices

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startup nation, meet: Kate Brad Pliner

Brad Pliner is the CEO and co-founder of TherapyNotes, LLC. He graduated with his Masters Degree in Computer Science from Drexel University.

Shortly after Drexel, Brad launched Pliner Solutions, Inc., which provided custom web application development and IT consulting services, including to several clients in the healthcare industry.

Later, upon recognizing a market need for a good practice management and electronic medical records solution for behavioral health, he started TherapyNotes with his wife, psychologist Debra Pliner, PhD.

TherapyNotes quickly became the leading practice management software for behavioral health therapists, counselors, and psychologists.

show notes

  1. Time Management

  2. Security

  3. Data Management

  4. Improved Cash Flow

  5. Improved Patient Service

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