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Episode 84 - How to Start a Private Practice

Updated: Feb 21

Episode 341 with Andrew Riesen

Dream Private Practice Playbook

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startup nation, meet: Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT, Katie Lemieux, LMFT

The Private Practice Startup is co-owned by Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT. They’re two therapists with entrepreneurial spirits who are crazy about business. They live, work and play in South Florida.

Kate and Katie both built their 6-Figure private practices in less than 2 years from the ground up and love inspiring ambitious mental health professionals to brand themselves and grow their dream private practices!

They have a hunger for business, branding and marketing. They love sharing their expertise and inspiring private private practitioners across the globe from startup to mastery. They have helped therapists increase working with the clients they love the most, profit more, increase their rates, have more time off and enjoy a true lifestyle business.

Together, they have been featured as guest experts on Good Therapy, Therapy Sites, Your Badass Therapy Practice, Abundance Practice Building podcast, Selling the Couch podcast, Practice of the Practice podcast, Brighter Vision’s podcast, Taboo Talk Time podcast, Marketing Workshop podcast, Love Your Practice podcast, and Become a Group Guru.

They provide free podcasts, webinars, online courses, private practice coaching, INSPIRE Networking, and customizable Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork for therapists.

show notes

  1. CREATE YOUR PLAN – Start off with a plan. If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. Don’t make the same mistakes we did. Here are some resources to help you with strategizing your dream practice. a. Goal Planning Worksheet – Download this worksheet and use it as a guide to help you build your dream private practice and dream lifestyle!  b. Create a business plan – listen to Amanda Patterson’s Podcast c. Create your lifestyle business – listen to Joe Sanok’s Podcast.   d. Create a financial and marketing strategy to set you up for long-term success. 

  2. BRANDING & IDEAL CLIENTS – Know your ideal client and brand yourself first before deciding on a name for your practice.  a. Brand Values Assessment – this will help you identify your top 7 brand values. If you don’t determine your brand values, other people will do it for you. Your brand values will guide all business decisions so think carefully as you decide.

  3. CHOOSE YOUR NAME – Do steps 1 & 2 before choosing your name.

  4. GET A DOMAIN NAME– Research available domain names before you incorporate them so you can assure your domain matches your company name.

  5. INCORPORATE – Talk with your accountant or business attorney to find the best type of incorporation for you and your long-term goal. Here are a few tax podcasts for resources. a. Tax Strategies to Help Private Practitioners Lower their Tax Bills b. Tax Strategies for Private Practitioners

  6. GET YOUR EIN NUMBER – Once you incorporate you can go to to get your EIN number which is also known as your Tax ID. You’ll need to use that to get an NPI number aka National Provider Identification if you’re going to take insurance.

  7. OPEN A BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT – Open business banking accounts and get a business credit card.

  8. LIABILITY INSURANCE – Assure you have both liability and general liability (unless you are completely online). a. cph Insurance b. American Professional Agency c. HPSO

  9. PAPERWORK & ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS –  We have you covered for Customizable, Attorney Approved Private Practice Paperwork. i. Paperwork Packages a. Use Coupon Code – Save40 for a $40 Discount on the Base Package b. Use Coupon Code – Save80 for an $80 Discount on the Peak Package ii. EHRs –​ We recommend Therapy Notes – sign up with promo code “PPS” and receive 2 months for free

  10. MERCHANT SERVICES a. Paypal, Ivy, Stripe, & through your bank b. We use squareup. Here’s a link to sign up and receive $1000 in free processing 


  12. WEBSITE – Assure you have a customized and responsive website. We suggest leaving it up to the experts. Here are a few of our favorites. a. Brighter Vision – get your first month free b. Daniel Fava – If you want to DIY your own website check Daniel’s course out c. Kat Love - Empathysites

  13. DIRECTORY PROFILE – It is important to have a stellar therapy directory. a. Psychology Today - Send us an email FIRST before starting to create the profile to request 6 months FREE.  b. Check out Laura Longs podcast with us on How to Create a Badass Therapy Directory  

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Knowing you need legal, ethical, and competent paperwork is overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive! ​ We put in 100+ hours of work, combed through the laws and ethics, and paid thousands of dollars in expensive attorney fees so you don’t have to.

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Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated not knowing where to start or how to grow and scale your private practice. You’ve spent years in school and a ton of money getting your degree, but you weren’t taught about the necessary branding, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills needed to be successful in private practice.  


We get it, we’ve been there. We are Kate and Katie from The Private Practice Startup. We’ve spent a crazy amount of money and over a decade learning and perfecting a proven marketing strategy that works. Let us teach you the step-by-step system to help you fill your practice with the clients you love and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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